Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A trips worth of Vera!

Last weekend I was in Northern California to go to a wedding.  I always take a lot of Vera with me and this trip was no exception.  The only two pieces that matched were my new 3 Pocket Tote and Double ID Wristlet in Happy Snails, the rest was a crazy assortment.  You can definitely say that I am not matchy-matchy.  The other bags - Metropolitan in Deco Daisy, Ditty Bag in Pinwheel Pink, Small Bow Cosmetic in Riviera Blue, Large Cosmetic in Raspberry Fizz, Jewelry Case in Pink Pansy, CLutch in Vera Vera, Tech Case in Poppy Fields.  And yeah, you might have noticed that is not a Vera in the back, I didnt want to move it out of the picture, plus it is a great bag!  It is an Adventure Duffel from LL Bean.  It was on sale for $25!!! It is probably about the same size as a Large Duffel, but it is a medium.  And I can check it and not worry about my cotton bag getting ruined! Wonderful. And it still stands out on the luggage carousel.  
LOTS of Vera! 

One of the questions that I get the most is why do I love Vera Bradley bags.  I love them because they are colorful, fun, light, easy to take care of bags.  But while I was walking through the airport I realized another reason that I have always liked Vera Bradley bags.  It is the same reason that Barbara and Patricia started making them...we need feminine luggage! I love that even if I am just wearing jeans and a t-shirt I can use a Vera Bradley bag and still feel feminine! Genius! I do love me some Vera! 


  1. My mom just got a wallet in Viva La Vera to wear with the hipster that seems to be on permanent loan to her from me. She was all obsessing about it not matching. I had to tell her to chill out and just buy patterns that make her smile. A non matching wallet will be easier to find inside her hipster anyway.

  2. The only Vera that I have matching is my luggage. It's just a large duffle, miller bag, ditty bag, and 2 large cosmetic bags in daisy daisy. The only other time I match is a coin purse to a purse. Of course I never match them to my clothes either. I like all the fun colors!

  3. Looks a lot like my Vera things for traveling. And, I am exactly like you, I think I only have 2 pieces that match. I like to get different patterns so I don't get tired of the same one and want to buy more. I love love love Vera too for all those same reasons.

  4. I'm going on a trip this weekend to attend a friend's wedding as well, and I have my Vera all ready to go!!! I'm taking along my Trip Kit in Night and Day, my Vera in Barcelona, my Wristlet in Hope Garden, my Criss Cross Wristlet in English Meadow, my On the Go in Watercolor, a Mini Notebook in Watercolor, my Accordion Wallet in Happy Snails, my Pocket Pals in Folkloric, my Small Cosmetic in Happy Snails, and a Versailles Button Coin Purse... and I think that's it :) I love Vera!!!

  5. Im going to the Beach for a week and taking my Large Duffle in Blue Lagoon, my Shopper Tote (the little 8 dollar one) in Happy Snails to take down to the waterfront with me, my Hipster in Twirly Birds Blue, Gallery Wallet and Zip Clip ID in Happy Snails, E Reader Sleeve in Lemon Parfait, and my old wristlet in Mediteratian White. Its not that I like matching things, just that I have two deffinate favorites in TWN and Happy Snails :)


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