Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vera Bradley Calculator and XL Duffel!

Thanks to OhMyVera reader Lucy for sending me some links of the upcoming promotions.  

Click here for the link to check out the Vera Bradley Calculators

And Click here for the link to check out the XL Duffel

Here is the link to the blog post with all of the July Promotions: Click Here

July 21 to August 1: A must for back to school and travel: the "Extra Large Duffel" is yours for $98 (value $108). Also, VERA BRADLEY calculator (valued at $14) is FREE with $45 paper and gift purchase.


  1. Do we know if the XL Duffel will be OK for airline carryon?

  2. They havent released the dimensions yet as far as I know. The TSA website would be the best place to check as far as carry on size. I would guess too big. I would never use my Pink Pansy XL Duffle as a carry on.

  3. My VB postcard with the XL duffel doesn't have the dimensions, but one of the associates at the VB store said the XL duffel was too big to be a carryon for air travel.

  4. Has anyone checked a Vera duffel?? Will the airlines wrap it to prevent damage?? I want to take it, but I'm afraid it will get damaged!


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