Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vera Bradley Fall 2011 Release Weekend!

Vera Bradley released their Fall 2011 Signature Collection on July 7th!  I was able to make it to the Vera Bradley store Columbia on Friday night and was invited to meet up with some friends at the store in Tysons on Sunday.  The new patterns are great! I love them and the new styles are great too! 

I picked up a I <3 eco Calendar, Gel Pens, So Me cards and a Passport Cover in Deco Daisy (I know, I know, not a new color) on Friday.  On Sunday I picked up a Double ID.  It is going to be my grab and go for lunches at work. Trying to save up to buy a backpack later on and a few other things :)

Lets get to the photos! 
 The stores had Jones Soda in Fufu Berry, with a Vera Bradley label!  So fun!  They also had super cute paper straws with flags on them!  I was so glad that they still had some soda bottles left on Friday when I went to the Columbia store.  

This was the Friday giveaway a Safari Sunset Double ID, East West Tote & Gel Pens. 

Tysons Mocha Rogue display!  

Plum Petals!  Check out how huge the Laundry Bags are!  

Safari Sunset in one of the display cases.  

The entry way...I am in the mirror :) 
I love the rug!  

So I finally saw a Three to Get Ready in person!  So I snapped a couple photos.

Mom wanted a new On The Go in Navy, so I picked up a Twirly Bird Navy one for her! 

Then we stopped by a Hallmark because they had a sale sign in the window! I was able to get a Lemon Parfait Beach Towel! I dont know why, but now I am really liking this color.  I was not a fan when it came out! I had to take a photo of the Mini Desk Set. It is really mini! Not really practical for anyone.  I put a quarter down so you could see the size.  The stapler is so tiny that it has staples that are smaller than the standard size.  

What did you pick up this weekend? 


  1. Got a Zip ID case and lanyard in Mocha Rouge! Wanted a Double ID Wrislet in Mocha Rouge but they didn't have it. :( maybe another ttime!! Anyone know why the double I'd Wristlet is not online???

  2. My mom, sister, 11-year-old daughter & I all rushed out Thursday morning the day the colors came out. I bought an Alice in Mocha Rouge & a chain bag in Happy Snails, and I picked up 2 beach towels on sale (lemon parfait & watercolor). My daughter got a Lizzy in Mocha Rouge & it is so cute! :)

  3. Got the chain lanyard and double ID wristlet in Happy Snails. Also got a free two way mirror in Safari Sunset. I already have an On The Go, Mini Hipster and wristlet in Safari Sunset from the preview. I'm trying out the Happy Snails accessories to see if I want a bag in that pattern. Looks like I'll be getting something,just can't decide between a tote or a purse, it's such a cute pattern!

  4. Anyone get the laundry bag?

  5. I got the laundry bag in Happy Snails! So cute!


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