Monday, July 11, 2011

My New Vera Bradley Stuff!!!

I was so excited about the Fall 2011! Didnt get much, but I am pretty happy with what I did get! 

Happy Snails Calendar, Gel Pens on a Lemon Parfait Towel that I picked up on sale at Hallmark! I also picked up a Product Guide...check out the next post to see the photos from that.  I also have the So Me cards on the way! They were out of them at the store, so they are in the mail! Can't wait to get them!

So while at the outlet over the 4th of July weekend I picked up a Lemon Parfait Knot Just a  Clutch...well I got it home and decided that I really wouldnt get must use out of it.  So it was off to the Signature Store for me to pick up a Converitble Tote in Navy.  Good timing too, I got the last one.  40% off, woo hoo! I have wanted one since December 8th

I also ordered the 3 Pocket Tote off of QVC, too good of a deal to pass up.

And lastly I bought a Double ID wristlet.  I hate taking my whole tote or purse with me to grab lunch. So I am going to use this instead!


  1. Love how well the happy snails goes with the convertible tote. I did see a convertible tote in navy at Hallmark last week for 50% off, but I passed on it, since I already have a convertible satchel in expresso, tote in black, and a navy wildwood park bag. I'm going to go back to Hallmark this week and get an agenda or a calendar....looked at weekly agendas at Staples and they were around the same price as the Vera ones, if not more.....

  2. Alison,

    Will you do a review of the new items like the 3 Pocket Tote and the Double ID wristlet?

    I'm always surprised by what items I end up using all the time and which ones hardly ever get used. I have a small Tic Tac Tote which I use a lot more often than I thought I ever would!

  3. My 3 pocket tote in mocha rouge just arrived today from qvc - I've already scotch guarded it and am waiting for it to dry and then I'll be using it!!

  4. The Double ID wristlet looks handy. Does it have a place to put coins and one for bills? I am wondering if it could be used as an everyday wallet. Can't wait to see it in person!

  5. Scotch guard? I thought VB doesn't recommend using it on their bags. Does it really help the bag last longer (or protect against stains/spills)?

  6. Vera Bradley puts a protectant on any bags that have white print to help them from getting dirty.

  7. Alison,

    Are you going to do a blog post about the Hope Blooms quilt?

    Any Oh My Vera readers in Indiana know about the limited edition tote bag and what's included?


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