Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vera Bradley Fall 2011 Promotions

I am just going to post the photos instead of having links.  So now I think that there are 3 posts about these upcoming promos, but hey, third time's a charm! 

July 21-August 1
Calculator: Free with $45 Vera Bradley Stationary purchase!  

 July 21 - August 1
XL Duffel: $98
 August 4 - August 15
Bookbag: $75

September 1 - September 13
Publish PostStadium Blanket: $50

Want to see the other posts?  Click here and click here

I know what is on my shopping list!  
A Happy Snails Bookbag and a Mocha Rouge Stadium Blanket! 


  1. Those calculators are so cute but I don't think I need $45 worth of stationary. I love the bookbag style, so cute!

  2. I am definitely getting a Mocha Rouge stadium blanket!!!

  3. Check your local retailer, because mine is giving the calculator away with ANY $45 Vera Bradley purchase (of regularly priced items).

  4. Does anyone know how big the stadium blanket will be? It looks small compared to the football.

  5. I can't wait for the large backpack on August 4th - I'll be at the store the moment they open the doors! I'm not too concerned about them selling out, but I love to get the best pattern placement!

  6. how big is the new bookbag I don't know if I should buy the laptop backpack or the bookbag which one would be best for 8th grade?

  7. Alison, do you know if the XL Duffel is only available from July 21 - August 1? Is it limited edition or something? I am kind of confused lol. I just wondered if it is a product only meant for Fall, or if it will be available in new colors in the winter. Thanks!

  8. I was on the phone telling my sister about the Stadium blanket (loving it!) and she googled it and said "it is so cute! I'm looking at it on this blog called "Oh My Vera!" I was like "she's one of my blogging buddies!!" :)

    Loving the stadium blanket. Oh, but what color should I get? I think I am between Mocha Rouge and Happy Snails.

  9. :) That is great! Glad she stumbled upon my blog! I am loving it too and we trying to decide between the same two colors. I have bought a few things in Happy Snails, so I was thinking that would be what I get, but I am loving Mocha Rouge more and more, so I think that is what I am actually going to get it in.

  10. Can't wait til them come out! I was leaning towards HS, but now thinking Mocha Rogue... I'll let you know (in Sept.!) what I decide - can't wait to see what you choose!


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