About OhMyVera!
I started writing OhMyVera! to share fun stories and info about Vera Bradley with my family and friends.  I love sharing photos such as Vera Sightings or photos of new bags each season.  I enjoy sharing my love of Vera Bradley with everyone and have even had some friends become fans along the way.  

About Alison
I was born and raised in California.  I currently live in northern California.  I fell in love with Vera Bradley after seeing the bags at a Delta Delta Delta sorority conference in Texas while I was in college.  After that I came across Pink Pansy (Pansies are the Tri Delta flower) on ebay while I was searching for pansies.  It is still one of my favorite colors!  Other things that I love are scrapbooking, watching baseball, traveling, selling stuff on ebay, volunteering, cheeseburgers and blogging!  And trips to southern California to visit my parents and friends!

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