Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On Sale - Barcelona, Slate Blooms, Twirly Birds Navy & Hello Dahlia!

The next set of sale items go on sale Thursday, September 1st!  

The colors going on sale are Barcelona, Slate Blooms, Twirly Birds Navy & Hello Dahlia.  The styles going on sale are Large Hobo, Julia, Angle Tote, Opera Wallet & Trip Kit.  And the Summer Canvas will also be going on sale.  

I am kind of disappointed to see the Angle Tote on its way out.  I actually one own one, but I have bought, returned, exchanged a few along the way.  They are a great size to use as a large purse.  I will definitely be picking some up on sale!

Also the Outlets are having a sale for Labor Day weekend!  Everything will be 25% off and Let's Do Lunch will be $15.99. I plan on heading out there on Friday or Saturday, can't wait to see what they have in stock this weekend!

Vera Bradley Stadium Blanket

I know I am excited about tomorrow!  Tomorrow Vera Bradley releases their Stadium Blanket and it will be on sale for $50 (reg $65) from September 1-15.  I still can't decide between Mocha Rouge and Happy Snails.  Would it be bad to get both??

You can also check out the Store Locator page to see another image and see if you local retailer will have the stadium blankets.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vera Bradley Paprika Lanyard

After I ran in the San Diego Rock n Roll Half Marathon back in June I didnt know where I should hang up my race I decided to hang it in my office cubicle!  I had also picked up a Paprika Lanyard at the Outlet a while back and I have used it for some of the events that we have at work.  I decided that it deserved a spot next to the medals :)  

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Looking for a deal this weekend?

Vera Bradley is on RueLaLa this weekend! Looks like it is going to feature stationary, but maybe they will have a couple of bags as well.  Click here for the link. 

You can get 20% off all sale items at this weekend!  Also all month you will get free shipping on orders over $100.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vera Bradley Mocha Rogue Rolling Luggage

Today my Paprika Notepad a with Sticky Pad arrived in the mail! There was also a postcard announcing that Mocha Rogue Rolling Luggage arrives in stores August 18th, well that is today! I didn't realize it would be available starting today, so that was fun news.

The postcard says: Introducing a vibrant color addition to our Signature Rolling Luggage Collection! A chic fuchsia, coral, white and chocolate floral is printed on durable polyester for miles and miles of style. Choose from six essential travel items, including a new compact 22" Spinner.

So might be time for me to pick up some VB luggage. Mom take note :)

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vera Bradley Back to School Checklist

I can't believe we are already half way through August! Some students are already back in school! 

Here is a postcard that Vera Bradley included in their recent packages when they would mail out online orders.  Their back to school checklist includes the Lunch Date, Laptop Backpack, Zip ID Case & Vera.  
So, what is on your back to school list? 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vera Bradley at Borders

Lots of Vera Bradley on sale at the Borders going out of business sale.
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Borders going out of business

I am at Borders to pick up a copy of The Hunger Games on sale at their closing sale. I saw this Vera Bradley Mailbox in Barcelona.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vera Bradley Birthday Party!

Let me start by saying this post has entirely too many photos.  I considered splitting it into two posts, but decided to just go for it! So get ready for a lot of scrolling! 

Last night I got to attend my very first Vera Bradley party! I can't even tell you how excited I was.  I even got approval to leave work 15 minutes early (4:45) because I was afraid I was going to hit traffic on my way to the party and be late for the 6:30 start.  Well, I made it to the mall at 5:35, which actually worked out perfectly because I was able to grab a bite to eat and then head to the store to meet up with some of my Vera Friends :) 

 A line started to form around 6:00pm, so we moved over to the line.  There were only 4 people ahead of us.  They let us in about 6 at a time, I was in the first group!! 

 The first thing that I did was sign up for the drawings!

 Next I was off to get my $29 100 Handbag!  Plum Petals please! 
They were bringing out bags one by one, but eventually bought out a huge basket/tote filled with them!  Everyone wanted one, if not two or three!

Next stop, cupcakes!! I am kind of surprised I didnt go here first! Haha.  Super cute mini cupcakes with purple sprinkles.   See the picture below for the cupcake toppers.  They also had Purple Punch (get it??) and mini water bottles.  Such a cute set up!

Make a wish!

 Me and mini cupcake #1, I think that I had 3.  Guess I didnt have enough at dinner, haha. 

So many people at the store! The line to check out was long and it never got shorter.  Seemed like everyone has at least one 100 Handbag!

Me and my Vera Friends!!!  I had such a great time shopping with all of them! Christina even won one of the prizes!! From the Cabin collection she won a Boxy Tote & Cosmetic along with an Accordion Wallet.   Speaking of the Accordion Wallet, I might have to try one out when my Turn Lock Wallet finally wears out.  I really like how much stuff it can hold! Thanks ladies for a fun night! 

They gave out Button Coin Purses for bringing in a vintage bag or bringing in a photo of your collection.  I brought in a photo of my collection, since the Anastasia Villager I took wasnt from before 2000.  Actually the photo is from this post. Now I finally have something in Mocha Rouge!  I thought that I would also include my Plum Petals water bottle.  Thanks for the coin purse!

Speaking of vintage bags...this woman had so many vintage bags with her! She also had two of the teddy bears, so of course I had to go take a photo.  I kind of cut off half of her face and since I didnt tell her that I was going to post this on my blog, I decided to protect the innocent, haha.  The bears love the blog by the way.

 Now to some pictures of the beautiful invitation!

I got out of the store without doing too much damage to my wallet.  I picked up the 100 Handbag in Plum $29 I just couldnt pass it up.  I also picked up some stationary, Mocha Rouge cards and Safari Sunset cards.  Everyone who attends the party gets a free gift! I wasn't expecting anything, but was excited to find out that they were giving us cocktail napkins and party cups! By the time I decided to get in line they were out of Mocha Rouge and Plum Petals cups.  I'm not really a fan of Safari Sunset (the cards are for my Mom) so when they offered to have the cups shipped to me I picked that option so that I could get the Mocha Rouge set.  I am excited to get them! 

Thank you so much to the women at the Vera Bradley store for hosting such a wonderful event!  I had a great time and really enjoyed being around so many other women who love Vera Bradley as much as I do. It was a neat experience and I can't wait to attend another one!

So Me Cards

When I went to go check out the new Fall 2011 colors I was in love with the stationary!  I picked up a calendar, pens and I really wanted some cards.  The So Me cards were what I was planning on getting but they were sold out of A.  The ladies at the store told me that since they were sold out they could have them shipped to me and the shipping would be free!! Yeah! About a week later my cards arrived! 

I guess it has been a while since I ordered anything from Vera Bradley because they have changed their boxes.  I had heard about this, but hadn't experienced it.  So if you arent familiar with what it used to used to have a gift box inside the brown box.  Now they have lined the inside of the brown box with color!! I like it, plus it doesnt use so much cardboard.  It was always hard for me to part with the gift boxes.  I might even have a couple left at my parents house, haha.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Looking for some jewelry to go with Happy Snails??

Look at this fun necklace I came across at the Betsy Johnson counter at Macy's
Wouldn't this fun snail necklace look great with a Happy Snails bag? 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Upcoming Vera Bradley Outlet Deals August 10-22, 2011

Vera Bradley Outlet stores have some sales coming up this month!  If you have a Vera Bradley Outlet at your outlet mall you should check out the outlet's website.  They normally will post the Vera Bradley sales, along with all of the other retailers sales.  The Vera Bradley outlet closest to me is Leesburg Corner Premium Outlet

Aug 10 - 15
20% off Crossbody Styles

Aug 17
Mini Hipster $24.99

Aug 18 - 22
10% off Travel Bags, Beach Bags and Towels

Monday, August 8, 2011

Vera Bradley Bookbag in Happy Snails!

The one thing that someone would have noticed was missing from my collection was a backpack.  I have always wanted one, and even bought one once, but promptly returned it.  Large backpacks always cost too much and I didn't think that I needed one because I had my handy Jansport backpack (made it through Jr High - College! and still is around).  The smaller backpack was just too small.  I bought one at the Glendale Vera Bradley store on sale in Mod Floral Pink, but when I got it home and put my stuff into it, it was just too small for me. I really wanted a fun backpack to take to amusement parks or just when I have more stuff to carry, so a small backpack just wouldn't cut it.  By the time I decided I wanted a Large Backpack they were hard to come by.  So I kind of forgot about it because I still had my Jansport backpack.  Well, when Vera Bradley announced that they were coming out with a Bookbag, I decided that I would have to get one! Plus, now through August 15th they are only $75 (reg $92).

It was really hard to decide what color to get!  I really like Happy Snails though and it has so many colors in it, I figured it would go with a lot of things.  Plus I love navy blue, maybe it has something to do with my former employer.

Check out the photos below of the new Vera Bradley Bookbag. 

 The front of the Bookbag. 

 The back has quilted straps that are adjustable. 

 Inside there are nylon slip pockets. 

 The front has a really good size pocket with a magnetic flap closure. 

Both sides have pockets, perfect for my water bottle! 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vera Bradley Spring 2012 Preview - Island Blooms, Rosy Posies, Camellia, Ellie Blue

Vera Bradley is having their Spring 2012 preview right now at some of Signature Stores!  I was so excited to go check out the new colors and see what they looked like in person.  This time around they are previewing the colors in the following styles: All In One, Carry It All, Eloise, Get Carried Away, Mini Hipster, On The Go, Saddle Up, Small Cosmo, Tote & Zip ID.  I picked up a Zip Id in Island Blooms for myself. I love the bright color, reminds me of San Diego and Hawaii!  I picked up a Ellie Blue Tote for my Mom for her birthday (Love the Elephants!!).  She knows it is coming though :) 

I was glad to see that I liked the colors better in person.  I might be tempted to pick up some more Island Blooms or Ellie Blue later on.  

Check out the video I made of the new colors!!  Enjoy!

What's in the bag

Spring 2012! More pics coming soon!
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