Friday, July 8, 2011

Twitter Fail

Oh Twitter was not my friend today.  My @OhMyVera twitter account got hacked and most of my followers received an tweet saying, "check this out... it's a funny blog post. you're mentioned in it." So if you got the tweet, I am very sorry! If you got the tweet and didnt click the link, you should be fine.  If you clicked the link I suggest you change your password, just to be safe.  You can check to see if your account was affected by going to messages and seeing if you sent any that say the same thing.  If you dont have any sent message that say that, then you are totally fine.  

Sorry about the Twitter Fail today!  Just know that I will probably never send you a direct message (dm) unless you have sent me one and I am replying. Also the links that I post will always be to unless I tell you that I am posting to somewhere else.  I wont just blindly post a link to a random webpage. 

If you arent following me on Twitter yet (and this post didnt scare you) you can follow me @OhMyVera.

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