Friday, May 27, 2011

From OhMyVera Readers!

The Padres are in town playing the Nationals and I really wanted to go to the game. I made plans with one of the girls from the Tri Delta group to go to Vietnam Memorial tonight, but she had to cancel because her new roommate was going to be moving in early. So I got left high and dry with no plans. It ended up working out for the best because now I am sitting on the couch watching the game on TV and there is a bad storm rolling through. The baseball game even had a rain delay. Now there is just thunder and lighting, but I am still glad to be in the comfort of my living room.

So since I have a little down time while I watch America's favorite past time I thought that I would share some fun things that my readers have sent to me. I always mean to post it when I get it, but sometimes I get distracted and it has to wait for another day. So lets get to it...

Photos from the Fall 2011 Preview posted on facebook by 2 Pink Magnolias! CLICK HERE

More Fall 2011 photos including FRILL for Happy Snails!!! by Sister's and Company! CLICK HERE

Flickr Photo Stream of Winter 2011 colors from My Rainbow Fish CLICK HERE

Check out these Simon Gift Cards that feature Vera Bradley prints! They can be purchased by clicking here.
Okay, not sure why the picture below is smaller, but it is, so we are just going to deal with it. $1 from the purchase of the Twirly Bird Pink gift card goes to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. These also go me to thinking that VB should do printed gift cards. I bet people would collect them just like their bags. The green one is nice, but how fun would it be to have a printed one??

I have got a couple of other things to share, but I think that they will get their own posts!

Vera Sighting

My friend Katie sent this to me from her Memorial Day weekend trip:

Vera sighting! My friend Alex has a ton of it haha

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vera Bradley Summer Sale! Make Me Blush, Call Me Coral, Simply Violet and Versailles!

Vera Bradley is having a Summer Sale! The newest batch of colors to go on sale are Make Me Blush, Call Me Coral, Simply Violet and Versailles, so if you love these colors you better get them while you can! I still dont own anything in Call Me Coral, but I am tempted now that they are on sale. It would be such a fun Summer color!

Photo from Vera Bradley's facebook page.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vera Bradley Outlet - Leesburg, VA

Sunday I had some free time on my hands so I decided to head out to the Vera Bradley Outlet in Leesburg, VA. I had a coupon for $20 off a purchase of $65 or more, so that was some extra motivation to drive out there. My Garmin said that it would take about 40 minutes, but it took me about an hour. That is one thing about living in the DC takes longer to get everywhere! In California I would always beat the time that google maps would tell me, but here I have to add time on to my trip.

It was totally worth it though! The store had 20% off all bags and totes! Bonus! I picked up some great stuff! I bought a Pleated Tote for my friend Amber as a thank you for driving across country with me! She knows this is coming because I called her to ask what color she wanted :) I really wanted another Hipster to wear around DC this summer when I go check stuff out, so I got one in a color that I think is perfect for summer - Hope Garden. I didnt have a bag in that color yet, so I was pretty happy. The next bag I got kind of surprised me, first because I dont really care for Sittin' in a Tree and second because I assumed that these were sold out - Boardwalk Handheld. It was a limited edition collection made with the Sittin' in a Tree print. The bag is a canvas and has the inside print printed on the outside. It has a nice leather handle and the bag has a sheen to it. I love it! Plus it was on clearance for $16.99 (org. $55). Then I walked past the Audrey bags and I had to pick up one for a special little someone! :) I also picked up two Pocket Papers. And somehow I forgot to take a picture of my Paprika Lanyard. I got it to wear to the Bike MS event we have coming up at work next month.

So let me just tell you what a great deal that I got at the outlet! I added up how much my stuff would have normally retailed for and it came to $245! Yikes. But I only paid $104! And that counts the tax that I paid! What an amazing deal, I love a good deal! So I saved 58% off of the retail price. Oh happy day!

I have to tell you the women were so friendly and helpful this time around! The first time they didnt seem that interested in me and Amber, but this time I was greeted when I walked in and when I asked where the Pleated Totes were the woman had another woman show me where they were. When my hands got full and I was trying to talk to my mom or Amber on the phone one of them swooped in with a shopping bag for me to load everything up in. Also I really wanted that Paprika lanyard and they helped me dig through the pile looking for one. When we couldnt find one someone found me one from the back. I had a great time shopping there...I just wish that it was closer! Although, I cant really complain about it being an hour away. Plus it is a really nice drive through the country roads.

Check out my pictures of my purchases...I forgot to take pictures at the store...oops!

Outlet!!! Woo Hoo!
All the new bags! Except my lanyard which I forgot to take out of the bag.
The Boardwalk Handheld! I love it!
The back of the bag has a zipper.
The inside is lined with the print that is normally on the outside.
My new Hipster! I picked this one because it had 3 big pink flowers on the front :)
Super Cute little Audrey bag!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vera Sighting

Slate Blooms Alice

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Today Only $5 ground shipping online

Just got an email that for today (Saturday) only, all online orders will ship for just $5 (ground shipping). Happy shopping!
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vera Sighting - Modern Family

Vera Sighting on Modern Family! Thanks Jocelyn for email it to me since I havent had time to watch Modern Family in a few weeks. Lily is all wrapped up in a Hope Garden Beach Towel...but we have seen that towel before! Click here to see Manny in the pool with the Hope Garden Towel. They love VB on the set of Modern Family. They have had bags hanging in the background and a Weekender as a baby bag.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vera Bradley Giveaways!

Two of my favorite blogs are currently hosting Vera Bradley Giveaways that I wanted to share with you. The first one is from Pink Martinis and Pearls, she is offering a Boysenberry All Wrapped Up. For your first entry you must be a follower through Google Friend Connect of her blog and you can get extra entries, so head on over and check it out. Her giveaway runs through Monday, May 23rd. Click here to head over to the giveaway at Pink Martinis and Pearls.

The second one is a Baroque One For The Money from Katie's Nesting Spot. Katie is celebrating her 1,000th follower!! I can't think of a better way to celebrate! You have until Tuesday, May 24th to enter this giveaway. Same as the last one, you have to be a follower through Google Friend Connect, but you can also get additional entries. Click here to head over to the giveaway at Katie's Nesting Spot.

Katie's Nesting Spot

Some of you might be asking what is all this talk about Google Friend Connect, well if you have a google account you already have a Google Friend Connect account, just log in with your normal google account email and password. You will have a list of all the blogs that you read and make them super easy to follow when you are logged in. If you aren't a follower of Oh My Vera! yet, then you should be! All you have to do it click follow on the right hand side of the blog under followers.

Good luck!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vera Bradley Sighting on "The Office" Wallpaper

I love it when blog readers email me fun stuff! Tonight I think that I was sent my favorite Vera Sighting! Check out this wallpaper that NBC has available for The Office! Phyllis has a Cambridge Vera Bradley bag with her, although I cant really tell what style.

Click here for the link to check out the wallpaper in full size.

Such a fun Vera Sighting! Thanks Jenna!

Three To Get Ready

Now through May 23 Vera Bradley has a promotion for the item Three to Get Ready. It is cosmetic bag with 3 compartments, one lined in plastic and the other two with taffeta. It is available in all 4 Summer colors for just $28 (normally $38). It is available at Vera Bradley stores and participating retailers.

I dont know the size of it, but it looks a little small to me. I bet it holds a lot of stuff though!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Java Blue and Blue Rhapsody 40% off sale

Java Blue and Blue Rhapsody are 40% off online and at outlet stores, now through Sunday May 15th. You can also get free shipping online for orders over $100!

Vera Sighting - Friday Night Lights

Mod Floral Pink Large Backpack on Friday Night Lights from a couple weeks ago.
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vera Sighting

We headed to happy hour and I had another sighting. And don't think I didn't think about stealing this one since it was all by its self! A Pink Elephant Large Tic Tac Tote!!!
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Vera Sighting

My coworker spotted this one! Capri Blue Vera!
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Vera Sighting

Simply Violet Little Betsy on the streets DC
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Monday, May 9, 2011

12% Cash Back from Ebates!

Ebates is turning 12 today and to celebrate they have a ton of places that they are giving you 12% Cash Back for shopping at. And guess what - Vera Bradley is one of them! So if you are shopping online today dont forget to go through ebates and if you havent signed up for Ebates yet, I dont know what you are waiting for!

Click Here to sign up!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reminds me of Deco Daisy

There is an art street fair going on this weekend in Silver Spring that I just happened to find while I was out on a walk today. This painting reminded me of Deco Daisy, just with a yellow background instead of red.
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Baekgaard at TJ Maxx and Marshalls

Most of you are probably familiar with Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia Miller the founders of Vera Bradley. Barbara's late husband had a company called Baekgaard lmt. that made fine mens gifts and accessories. In January the company was closed and since then lots of their items have ended up at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. You can read more about that here. Some of my Vera friends started talking about what was available, so of course I had to google the closest TJ Maxx and plan a trip.

The closest TJ Maxx is about 20 minutes away, but the good news is that there is a Marshalls across the street. I found this fabulous Pleated Tote in a patent leather pink. And this large Satchel in green! Publish PostThe bags retail for $180 and $175! I got them each for $39.99. I really liked them both, but decided that I couldnt keep them both. So I returned the Pleated Tote. I loved the color and it has a tied dyed print inside, but it was kind of stiff. The Satchel is pretty large, but I think that it will work well for carrying stuff to work. There are a lot of other items available as well like little wristlettes, wallets, coin purses, key fobs, etc.

Oh and it might be hard to tell, but the green one is edged in purple! It is also real leather and feels amazing.

I also picked up a little something at Marshalls, but I will show you that later this week.

So if you like what you see head to your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls! Happy Shopping!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vera Sighting

I really wish this picture came out better. It is a dad carrying a Poppy Fields Baby Bag.
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Vera Imposter

A.C. Moore (aka Micaels on the West Coast) has these Vera Imposters. The closest one is like Night and Day.
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Vera Bradley Winter 2011 Review - Shopping for Suzani and Floral Nightingale

I never would have dreamed that I would be this busy when I moved to DC! Between work, meeting new people and just daily activities and errands I have been way busier than I thought that I would be. So it has been hard to get into a routine of blogging. I used to prefer to blog in the mornings (probably afternoons by the time East Coasters would read it). But now I get up early because I have to catch a shuttle to the metro to get to work. I get up at 6:30am to make sure I am on time, and getting up earlier just isn’t an option. And my nights are filling with a longer commute than I am used to plus there is so much to do in DC, so it is hard to get home and blog on a consistent basis. My new plan is to blog about 3 times a week…that seems doable! Plus I should be able to up the number of Vera Sightings that I have since I see them everywhere! I just feel like there are more people in general though and people can see me taking my stalker photos…creepy! So I haven’t been taking very many.

Well on to our main subject…Vera Bradley! Last week one of my Vera friends let me know that some of the Vera Bradley signature stores were having their Winter 2011 Preview! I couldn’t believe it, it seemed like they had just previewed the Fall line. So I immediately called the closest store to me to see if they were participating in the preview and sure enough they were! I hoped in the car and drove 30 minutes to Vera Bradley! When I got there the staff was wonderful! I met a couple of women who read the blog (Hi ladies!) and of course they knew what I was there to see, so they showed me where they had the Winter items. I was soooo excited to see them in person. The west coast stores never participated in the previews…not that it would have mattered since the closest one was two and a half hours away!

Each color had its own shelf and were of course beautifully displayed. My first thought was that Rhythm and Blues looked a lot like Blue Rhapsody. And for a split second I thought that they had Plum Petals on display, but when I got closer saw that it was Floral Nightingale. I love purple and I have been waiting for a great purple print, so I was excited to see another purple that I liked. The color that really caught my eye was Suzani. It is the black background with a graphic floral print. I love the colors on it! I bought a small cosmetic in that color to use to store my new GPS in (didn’t need on in San Diego since I grew up there, but man DC and the surrounding area are hard to get around) and it works perfectly! I also picked up a Floral Nightingale small cosmetic for Amber.

Many thanks to the women at the store, they let me take lots of photos, talked to me about what bag might be best for commuting on the metro (going to stick with my pleated tote for now) and even gave me a couple of sugar cookies from the party they had the day before (YUM!). I am really excited to have a Vera Bradley store so close to me and I couldn’t be happier that the women there are so helpful and friendly!

If you live near a VB store give them a call to see if they have the preview items, I believe it goes on for another week. Rumor is that only 8 stores are doing a preview, so hopefully one of them is the store near you! Happy Shopping!

The fronts of the cosmetic bags.
The backs of the cosmetic bags - Amber has a bird on the back of hers!
The inside of Suzani - a little hard to see because the cosmetics are lined on the inside.
Inside of Floral Nightingale.

CLICK HERE to see my post with all 4 Winter 2011 Colors!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vera Sighting

I'm trying to not look like a stalker on the Metro. The woman across from me has a Sittin' in a Tree Metropolitan bag. Maybe that is what I need for my commute.
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Vera Bradley in Princeton

For Easter weekend I drove from DC to Princeton, NJ to go visit my cousin Rachel and her husband Greg. Rachel just finished up at Princeton and they are moving back to California in June, so it was good to be able to spend the holiday with them before they move back. One of the first things we did was head to campus to go check it out. It is such a beautiful campus and full of so much history. I really enjoyed walking around and checking it all out. We were walking past the campus store and Rachel mentioned that they sell Vera Bradley, so of course I said that we had to go check it out!

They had a whole corner full of Vera Bradley. It was a little bit of a mess, but I did find some good stuff! Did you notice what I am wearing??? My Americana Red flower!
I found a Petite Pouch in Watercolor! I think that it is so cute, so I got it! Plus I think that it will be good for holding laundry quarters :)
And a Card Holder in Folkloric for ONLY $3! This is the one that was given away as a promo. I dont know how much they are supposed to retail for, but I do know that $3 for anything from Vera Bradley is a good deal! Looking back, I should have just bought all that they had and given them out as gifts. That was it though. I got out of the store without spending over $10.
Here is a picture of the three of us after church on Easter. I had a great time in Princeton and Easter dinner was delicious!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vera Sighting

VB sighting leaving Nationals Park
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