Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween From OhMyVera!

Happy Halloween!!!

Back in 2010 I was a Vera Bradley bag for Halloween.  My mom made the costume for me after I found some quilted material that looked pretty close to Katherine.  It it hard to se in this photo, but I have a purse strap hanging from shoulder to shoulder.  My friends got a pretty good kick out of it!

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? 

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vera Bradley Boysenberry Luggage

Last Thursday my Vera Bradley luggage arrived!  I went down to pick up my package before work on Friday because I was expecting my luggage to arrive on Saturday and was excited to see that it was my luggage.  So I carried it upstairs and dropped it off.  My weekend was so crazy and then the storm came, so didn't have a chance to open it up until today.  

I am in love with this luggage!  I have been using the same red suitcase since 2001 and it is pretty worn out.  You can even see particle board at the bottom...yikes!  I was so excited when Vera Bradley had it 60% off, plus $25 off AND free shipping it was just too good of a deal to pass up!  Vera Bradley luggage has been on my wish list for quite a while and I am glad to finally have it!  And thanks to my parents for the 22" spinner...that is an early birthday present. 

I will have to take some pictures of the inside and what came with them when I get a chance.  

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Vera Bradley Winter 2012 on QVC - November 2

Vera Bradley will be on QVC on Friday, November 2.  This time around they will just be hosting one show, but it will be a two hour show.  I dont think that I will be able to stay up and watch, but maybe I will just try to go to bed early and then wake up for it...that is a lot of effort though! 

Here are the details from 

Vera Bradley - Handbags & Accessories

Friday, November 02, 2012
01:00 - 03:00 AM EST
A true testament to the American Dream, friends Patricia Miller and Barbara Bradley Baekgaard were traveling in March of 1982 when they came up with the idea to create feminine, fun accessories that are also practical. Within weeks, these dynamic women started selling floral cotton handbags out of their homes and named their new company Vera Bradley after Barbara's mother. Today, their idea lives on in their ever-popular brand of collectible quilted cotton handbags and accessories made from distinctive and colorful fabrics and trims that are beloved by women of all ages. QVC® is proud to present Vera Bradley Handbags & Accessories, the name synonymous with ladylike style.

If you are going to be shopping from QVC, you should use Ebates.  When you start at Ebates and shop at QVC you will get 2.5% cash back, and when you should online at Vera Bradley you will get 3% cash back. You also get a gift card when you sign up!

Will you be watching on QVC?  And if you have shopped for Vera Bradley on QVC before you can share what deals you got in the comments.  

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Vera Bradley on Rue La La - October 30 & 31

Rue La La will have Vera Bradley available Tuesday, Oct 30 & Wednesday, Oct 31. 

Want to know more about Rue La La...this is from their wedsite: STYLE. DELIVERED DAILY. Rue La La is the destination for the most desired brands at Members–only prices. Each day, we curate Boutiques filled with the best of the best in women's and men's fashion, home, travel, kids, and more. New Boutiques open at 11AM ET and stay open for just 48 hours.

The last two Vera Bradley boutiques they have hosted have had great products available at great prices!  I would definitely check out this sale! 

Update Oct 30: Here is a list of all the boutiques that are opening today on Rue La La

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Big Boxes From Vera Bradley

Big boxes arrived this morning!! Didn't get a chance to open them yet though, because I have to get to work. Can't wait!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reader Questions - What is the best Vera Bradley product for storing by kids hair accessories?

I receive emails pretty regularly from OhMyVera! readers and most of them are questions, so I think that it would be fun to answer some of those questions on the blog.  I am sure if one person has a question there are others with the same question, plus you all can help provide answers in the comments if you have other ideas or comments. 

So today's question is: What is the best Vera Bradley product for storing my kids' hair accessories, including their headbands?

While Vera Bradley doesn't make anything in particular for storing hair accessories, I think there are some good options out there for storing them.  Here are my top five choices, in no particular order: 

Hatbox Cosmetic: This has hard sides so it wont flop at all while you are digging around the for the perfect hair tie. The large area would be great for headbands and there are some smaller zip pockets you could put hair ties or bobbie pins in. 

Home and Away Cosmetic: Like the Hatbox it has a large area that will work great for headbands.  You could use the smaller side pockets for smaller hair accessories. 

Large Cosmetic: This cosmetic bag is also large enough to hold headbands as well as your other hair accessories, although smaller items might get lost or tangled at the bottom of this larger cosmetic.

Ditty Bag: This is one of my go to bags, you really can pack just about anything in it.  Again, this one might be a little too large and smaller items might get lost in the bottom.  It will fit all of your accessories though!

Vera Bradley Vanity Box: This item is retired, but there are still some out there.  It was part of their Frill line that is made with the inside patterns from bags.  This would be perfect for storing hair accessories on your dresser or counter. 

Is the option you would use missing?  Leave a comment to share what you think!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Vera Bradley November and December Shopping Promotions!

Vera Bradley has lots of great promotions coming up as part of the Winter 2012 release.  If you missed my post with the October promotions, you click here to read those.  Below you will find all of the November and December promotions.  


Nov. 2 - 6: Two Way Tote Promotion
Head to your local Vera Bradley store or retailer for your chance to vote for you favorite new color (English Rose or Dogwood).  Everyone who votes is entered to win a Two Way Tote in the color they voted for.  The winning color will be announced November 6. 
(Nov. 2 is also the release date for Dogwood and English Rose)

Nov. 8 - 18: Miller Bag Promotion
Miller bags will be on sale for $68 (reg $85)

Nov. 23: Holiday Tote Gift With Purchase
With any Vera Bradley purchase of $100 or more you will receive a complimentary Holiday Tote in Dogwood. 

Nov. 24 - 25: Ornament Promotion
With a $50 Vera Bradley purchase receive a free Photo Ornament set; spend $75 and get a free hand painted Ornament; spend $75 or more and receive the Ornament Trio. 

Nov. 30 - Dec. 2: Luggage Promotion
Receive $40 towards a purchase of Rolling Luggage in Classic Black or Suzani. 


Dec. 5 - 9: Cosmetic Trio Promotion
Receive a Cosmetic Trio for just $20 (reg $40) with a Vera Bradley purchase of $50 or more. 

Dec. 15: Grand Tote Promotion
Receive a Grand Tote as a free gift with any Vera Bradley purchase of $125 or more. (Available in Ribbons, Dogwood, Va Va Bloom & Lime's Up)  Grand Totes retail for $65

Dec. 22: Large Cosmetic Promotion
With a $75 purchase, receive a Large Cosmetic for only $15 (reg $30)

Which promotion are you looking forward to? 

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Friday, October 19, 2012

60% Off of Boysenberry, Viva la Vera & Lemon Parfait

Online at you can save 60% off Boysenberry, Viva la Vera and Lemon Parfait!  It doesn't say how long to sale is going to last, but at prices that low I dont think bags will last very long!  Better scoop up what you want now!  And dont forget Ebates to get cash back on your online shopping!

AND you can use code VBFALL for $25 off a $100+ purchase through Oct 21. 

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boutique Inspired Designs - Provencal Scarf

Loving my Provencal scarf from Boutique Inspired Designs!  Goes great with my bag and coat! Make sure to visit her Etsy shop to check out the other colors she has matched!  

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Promotions for Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley has two more promotions lined up for October. 

October 18-21 is the Vera Vera promotion.  Buy any Vera Vera (microfiber in black, wine or chili pepper) and receive a second one of equal or lesser value for 50% off. 

October 26-31 is the Market Tote promotion.  Receive a Market Tote as a free gift with any $25 or more purchase.  

These deals will be available at Vera Bradley stores and participating retailers...I am not sure if they will be online yet.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Vera Bradley Kitchen Collection - What I Bought

 Last Thursday Vera Bradley launched their Kitchen collection, so I headed to the local mall to check it out.  I was excited to see Provencal since I recently decided that I think that I want Provencal Placemats and Fiesta Dinnerwarefor my dining set.  Hallmark and Vera Bradley were both part of the Sweet Treat promotion where you pull out a paper cookie from a cookie jar and you open it up to see what kind of discount you received.  Anywhere from $5-$50 off your purchase.  

First stop was Hallmark, where I drew a $5 off coupon.  I picked up a Provencal Tea Towel and a Caitlyn in Limes Up because it was 40% off.  Then I headed to Vera Bradley to pick up the rest of the stuff I wanted.  I bought the Oven Mitt set and a bunch of ornaments.  I got a Provencal ornament for myself and Provencal & English Rose for my mom.  I got a $25 off coupon at the Vera Bradley store! And as a nice little gift they were giving out recipe cards with recipes from Barbara and Patricia.  They were also asking at the register if I would like to round up my purchase to the nearest dollar to donate to the Vera Bradley Foundation, what a nice little way to make a difference this month.  They had information cards about the Foundation out at the register as well.  And last but not least, they had cookies from Cookie Cottage in all of the new colors, so I grabbed on in English Rose...yum! Check out all the photos below!

Starting off with the good stuff, here is what I picked up:

Vera Bradley Foundation handout, Cookie and Recipe Cards

Vera Bradley store!

Kitchen Display

More kitchen items


The store had a little bit of a different layout this time.  The bags are now arranged by 'story' so I heard. So baby bags are together, computer bags, etc.

I could have dumped the whole platter in my purse!  Took some will power to only take one :)

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Styles in Ribbons Now Available From has an early release of some of the styles that are coming out on November 2.  They only have the Ribbons pattern so far. Here is the link to the Mini Chain Bag. If you are shopping at, dont forget to start at to get 6% cash back on your purchase. 
A couple of the new styles: Glenna and Mini Chain Bag

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Vera Bradley Store

Made it to the Vera Bradley twice this week! Was planning on placing an online order, but they were out of Proven├žal Placemats, so I went back today. I'll post what I got on Monday! Lots of Proven├žal.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Support OhMyVera! With Your Online Shopping

As you have probably realized, I blog for free in my free time.  If you would like to help support me and the blog, I have a couple free and easy ways to do so!

When you sign up for Ebates and make your first purchase I get a one time $5 referral credit.  $5 adds really adds up!  Plus Ebates will give you coupons for your online shopping as well as cash back every time you go through their website before you go to your desired shopping site, like  If you are going your holiday shopping online you can get a cash back check after the holidays and then treat yourself to something nice! 

I know a lot of you are Amazonshoppers!  Amazon has everything from ebooks to Vera Bradley. If you click through one of the banners on before you shop on Amazon then I will get a percent back of what you purchase through their Amazon Associate program!

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