Monday, July 18, 2011

Vera Bradley Double ID Wristlet!

Vera Bradley's Double ID Wristlet!  The accessory that I never thought that I would like, haha.  When I went to the Vera Bradley store a couple of weeks ago I almost got out of there without buying anything when one of the women I was shopping with showed me the Double ID Wristlet that she got.  I used to have an All In One but when I got my blackberry, my phone wouldn't fit in it when it had a case on it.  This Double ID Wristlet holds my phone easily! It also holds a few cards and cash, great for when I am on the go!  I use it at work for lunch when I don't want to take my large bag and I used it this weekend for a street fair. Check out the pictures below to get a better look! 

 Look at that perfect flower placement! 

 When you open it up the smaller size has room for an ID and one card slot.  The other side has a place for an ID and two card slots.  I put my license on one side and my Metro card on the other. 

This is the short side or top flap with the metal ring.  I folded my money in half for that side...didnt do such a great job folding it neatly.  I also put my car key in this side.  

This is the larger side.  More than enough room for my Blackberry Curve and a tube of ChapStick!  

This little wristlet is definitely going with me to California later this week! 


  1. Want that Wristlet so bad but I went to about 3 stores and none of them had it in Mocha Rouge! Thought o waiting till my birthday in September but it sold out online almost immediately and all the stores are on back order!!! Got one for my sister in Boysenberry and she loves it! Great for when you want more than an all in one but less than a Wristlet!

  2. That is some wonderful pattern placement! I got one in plum petals because mocha rouge was sold out - I have a lot of bags with brown in them, so I got the plum petals instead of the happy snails, but I do love the coral colored flowers in happy snails.....I wonder if it would fit an iphone? My sister has an iphone and would probably love this wristlet!

  3. Does this wristlet have a slip pocket in addition to the 3 card slots/2 ID slots? I can't tell, but says there's a slip pocket when they list the features.

  4. @Jen, an iphone would fit perfectly in there!

    @Tracy, I think that we are just calling them different things? What would be the difference bewteen a slip pocket and a card slot?

    Here is the description from We've identified a style you'll love. Two clear ID windows provide one panel for your campus or business card, and another for your license. With a magnetic closure and removable wrist strap, it's the bi-fold you've been longing for.

  5. Thanks Alison! I saw that description as well, but clicked on features at the bottom of the page and it said this:

    •Two clear ID windows
    •Two L-zip compartments, three card slots and a slip pocket
    •Bi-fold style with magnetic closure
    •Removable wrist strap

    It's no biggie though. I ordered one in Safari Sunset that will arrive Thursday :)

  6. I dont know what they are refering to as a slip pocket. There are the 2 L Zip compartments with nothing inside, the 2 clear ID windows and then 3 cards slots. I dont know where the slip pocket it. I looked all over to see if there is a hidden on and I dont see anywhere else to put anything. I feel like I am a crazy person looking for something that doesnt seem to exist. Let me know if you see it when you get it on Thursday!

  7. Thanks for sharing this! I hadn't considered it, and it looks like a good match for my needs.

    Do you think it could fit a phone that's nearly an inch thick?

  8. I am in desperate need ofthis. my daughters birthday is next week and she said this is the only thing shewants.would you be willing to sell it????


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