Monday, April 30, 2012

Outlet Store Finds from April 2012

I was at a work event half way between home and the Vera Bradley outlet store, so I called up the store, found out they had 30% off EVERYTHING and decided to go once we wrapped up work.  I really dont need anything, but I was curious to see what they had since I hadn't been in a while and thought it might be nice to pick something up for 30% off.  

I almost bought a Rachel, but I think that it would be too small.  They are $24.99 and on sale only, $17.49....I carried it around for a few minutes and then put it back.  I did end up buying a Clutch Cosmetic, Perfect Match Pen and Pencil Set & a Zip ID Case.  Also grabbed two tins of mints at check out, since the VB stores dont have them anymore.

Here is the breakdown of what I spend/saved. 
Clutch Cosmetic  $28 reg, $9.99 outlet, $6.99 sale
Pen and Pencil Set  $30 reg, $14.99 outlet, $10.49 sale
Zip ID Case  $12 reg, $7.99 outlet, $5.59 sale

Could have been $70, but I got it all for $23.07!!!  I love when I save more than I spend :)  And yes, I know I would save even more if I didnt buy anything at all. 

Some of you might know that I already have a Raspberry Fizz Zip ID Case.  I use one daily to hold my metro card and it is starting to show some wear.  Since I will probably never see Raspberry Fizz at the outlet again, I decided to pick one up while they had it!  You can never have too much Raspberry Fizz if you ask me! 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vera Sighting!

I was working at a cycling event yesterday and had a Vera Sighting!  This gentleman was carrying his wife's Sittin' in a Tree Vera! 

50% off 4 Colors This Weekend

Online at you can get 50% off English Meadow, Twirly Birds Pink, Purple Punch & Lemon Parfait! Ends today! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vera Bradley Purchases from Vera Bradley Party on April 18th

Here are some photos of what I picked up at the Vera Bradley party last week.  I went in with a list: Clare in Limes Up, Scarf in Summer Cottage, Laptop Skin & Book Keepers in Mocha Rouge.  I was able to stick to my list for the most part, but called my mom to see if she wanted anything, so I picked up a Lizzy in Ellie Blue for her.  The A to Vera Frill collection was also on sale, so I made an impulse purchase and got might be going back though...I really wanted to stick to my list.  We shall see.  

I also found out that the Book Keepers were never made in Mocha Rouge...that was a bummer because in my room I have the Mocha Rouge blanket, tray and photo frame so it would have been nice to get the book keepers to hold all of my magazines.  Maybe Rosy Posies would work.

My purchases...and free gifts

As part of the Be Colorful Tour - In Bloom, you got a coupon for a free photo book, but since the store was out you could get a frame instead, so I picked this one up for my mom since she likes Ellie Blue.  I think that it will look really cute with a photo of me and my sister in it. 

A Mother's Story was the gift for everyone who attended.

I have had my eye on a Clare bag and decided this was the perfect chance to pick one up.  I went with Limes Up, I think that it will be fun for summer! 

Here is the inside of the Clare

The front has a slip in pocket and a pocket with a flap.

Here is the inside of the Lizzy, there is a pocket on the back with credit card slots and the larger main compartment. 

 The front is the same at Clare...a slip in pocket and a pocket with a flap. 

 A to Vera Daily Tote made in a nylon material

 The inside is lined with red and has slip in pockets and a zipper pocket. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Celebrate Someone Who Inspires You - Vera Bradley Party

On April 18th I was able to attend the Vera Bradley party!  I was pretty excited when I got the invitation and found out some of my Vera friends would be there.  It was a great chance to do some shopping and catch up with friends! 

Invitation to the party! 
Sign outside of the Vera Bradley store.

One of the raffle prizes

Second raffle prize

Third raffle prize

Grand prize...a gift card for you and a friend

Kite marshmallow pops in white and milk chocolate! So sweet, they were good, but I loved the sugar cookies they used to have!  

 My Vera friends, it was great catching up with everyone! 

 Lisa won one of the raffle prizes: Hipster, Mini Hipster and the Mom and Daughter Apron set.

Before each raffle they would talk about some of the Vera Bradley products, here they were talking about the beach towels. 

I had a really great time and enjoyed shopping!  There were two women from the home office (Ft. Wayne, IN) that were helping out during the party.  They were both so friendly and helpful.  One helped me and my friend Natalie look for a few bags and the other one tried to help me find a Book Keeper in Mocha Rouge, but then we figured out it was never made in that color...bummer!  Everyone at the store made it such a wonderful shopping experience, so thank you!

I made a list ahead of time so that I wouldn't buy too much.  I did a great job sticking to my list...just one extra thing for me and one for my mom, otherwise it was on the list.  Check back tomorrow to see what I picked up! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Vera Bradley Be Colorful - In Bloom #VBTour on the Road!

Guess what that is!!

Look what one of my Vera friends spotted today!  I know I said this before, but this is one of my favorite Vera Sightings!

The Vera Bradley Be Colorful - In Bloom tour rolling down the street! 

She passed the camera to her daughter in the backseat and just had her snap away!  I love that they were able to take so many photos!  I would have been so excited to see that driving down the road!  

Vera Bradley Fall 2012 Preview - Photos of Inside Prints

Last week I had Monday off of work, so I decided to head up to the Vera Bradley store to check out the Fall 2012 preview.  I was pretty excited to have a chance to go check it out, because I thought for sure that I would have a chance to make it up there while they had the preview going on. 

While I was there I picked up a Hipster in Indigo Pop.  Once I saw that color I knew that I had to have something in that print! Here is a picture of me with my new bag a couple days later at the Vera Bradley Be Colorful Tour - In Bloom.  

I was able to snap a few photos of the inside prints too so that you can check those out! 

Va Va Bloom, Indigo Pop and Paisley Meets Plaid will be released June 28th and the other three will be released in August. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Vera Bradley Dorm Room Preview for Fall 2012!

At the Vera Bradley experience last weekend they set up a dorm room preview in Va Va Bloom & Paisley Meets Plaid!  Check out the bedding, rug and new bags! 
Thank you to the ladies who shared their photos! 

 Looks like the ribbon board is now square, and I believe that is the new Mailbag under the desk.
 Love the new bedding! 
I would have loved this dorm room! 
Laundry bag
 The Campus Tote is hanging from the corner of the bed...looks like a great 
replacement for the Pleated Tote. 
 There is a closer shot of the rug and mailbag. 

Fuzzy blankets! 

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