Friday, July 1, 2011

Vera Bradley Outlet Sales for July

I was doing a little research trying to figure out if I want to make the drive out to the Leesburg Outlets this weekend.  I got the email that everything was going to be 30% off this weekend,  but I think that it is going to be crazy out there this weekend.  I looked up the Premium Outlet website and this is the information that they had about the Vera Bradley Outlet sales this month.  I question the date of the Laptop Backpack sale because they seem to be on order by calendar date, but that one seems out of place.  So if there is a sale you are really interested in I would call your outlet to confirm. 

June 30 - July 4
30% off Entire Store (excluding rolling luggage) - see store associate for details

July 5
Special price on the Handbag ($24.99, ) Knot Just a Clutch ($24.99), Stephanie ($34.99) and the Reversible Tote ($34.99).
See store associate for details.

July 11 - 13
Special price on the Laptop Backpack ($69). See store associate for details.

July 17 - 19

Special price on the Tote ($29.99) and the All in One Wristlet ($19.99). See store associate for details.

July 11 - 13

Laptop Backpack: $59 - see store associate for details

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  1. I went yesterday. It wasn't so bad.. but I'm guessing today, tomorrow and Monday will be pretty packed. I went to search for my diaper bag (due in Dec)... decided to go with the Metropolitan but didn't love the colors, even for 30 percent off. i think I'm going to wait until Safari Sunset comes out :)


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