Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vera Bradley Fall 2011 Product Guide

While I was at the mall today I went to Hallmark and they had Product Guides available.  This should answer most of your questions about what is still to come this fall!  

Fall 2011 release dates:
Signature & Campus July 7
Cabin (canvas) July 21
Frill July 21
Vera Vera August 4
Perfectly Pleated August 4
Middleton August 4

Click here for the Fall 2011 Promos

Inside cover of the guide, picture was too cute!  

ID Wristlet $18
Concert Clutch Crossbody $45
Fab Club $55
Front Row Wallet $34
Messenger $68
Teen Idol Tote $64
VIP Lunch Bag $32
Names were inspired by the current teen idols and their concerts

Boxy Tote $68
Cosmetic $22

Vera Vera (not diamond quilted this time, this time quilted with the flower design from Night & Day)
17" Laptop Sleeve $46
Backpack $105
Bowler Baby Bag $125
Bowler Satchel $90
Compact Auto Umbrella $32
Flap All in One $40
Flap ID $20
Laptop Attache $120
Large Tab Wallet $48

More Vera Vera
North South Tote $98
Overnighter $140
Pushlock Crossbody $70
Zip Top Shoulder Bag $75

Perfectly Pleated
Card & Coin $24
Convertible Satchel $62
Flap Crossbody $55
Zip Around Wallet $44
Zip Top Tote $72

Middleton (Yep, named after Kate Middleton)
Flap Satchel $98

More Middleton (Olive and brown, in case it is hard to see)
Shoulder Bag $85
Slim Tote $105
Small Crossbody $75
Wallet $45

Sunglasses $65-$70 

More sunglasses $65-$70
Readers $28

 More readers
Rolling Luggage - Boysenberry
Rolling Luggage - Mocha Rogue

More Rolling Luggage - Mocha Rouge 
Rolling Luggage - Vera Vera


  1. Thank you so much Alison! That's exactly what I was looking for but could not find it. Just love Vera!!!

  2. This is so helpful! I asked my local retailer about the Frill launch and they said Vera Bradley hadn't released a date yet (and I have this product guide, which doesn't include dates). I'll be interested to see the Perfectly Patched in person; patchwork isn't usually my style but it could be interesting!

  3. Thanks for posting the product guide; I haven't found it yet. I was very interested in what their Making Waves/CrissCross style would be for Fall and looks like it will be Perfectly Patched. So exciting. I love your blog!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this, Alison! I check your website daily, and I much prefer it over And thank you, too, to everyone who sends Alison info on new patterns/availability of products. I will definitely be picking up the XL duffel on the 21st and the Zip Top Tote on August 4th.


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