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Vera Bradley Spring 2011 Source Book Pictures Wrap Up

I kept the commentary light when I posted the pictures, but I thought that it might be nice to do a little recap. Get ready ladies because these new styles are going to be coming fast and furious once the new year starts. I am not sure if you noticed all of the release dates, but they are releasing at least 2 lines a month!

Signature Styles Jan 13
Vera Vera Jan 13
Frill Jan 27Check Spelling
Making Waves (Patchwork) Feb 10
Limited Edition Accessories Feb 10
In the Clear (Beach/Resort) Feb 17
Dockside Canvas Mar 3
Seaport Stripe Mar 10
I am pretty excited about a couple of the new styles. I picked what I think are going to be my favs and a few that I probably wont even look twice at.

Signature Styles
I have been waiting for the Gallery Wallet since I started buying Vera Bradley! This is the style wallet that I have always used. I think the thing that I like the most about it is that my money lies flat and there are lots of spots for cards. When I first started carrying VB it seems like the Mini Zip and smaller styles were all there was to pick from. Of course the Zip Around and been a while a long time, but it just never seemed like it holds a lot. I was excited for the Turnlock Wallet and I don’t see me really switching from it, but the Gallery Wallet will probably be my second favorite wallet. I have heard that the Mandy is like a larger Betsy, so some of you who are looking for a little bit bigger bag should really like it! The other thing I have heard some excitement about is the e-reader sleeve. I don’t have an e-reader, so I cant share your excitement, but it does seem like a great idea.

Vera Vera
I still only have one piece of microfiber (Clutch purse) but I really like it. Some occasions just call for a solid purse. I am loooving the Convertible Tote, but not its price tag ($100). A girl can hope though, but with Christmas just passing and my birthday being in November there isnt a lot of hope that this one will be gifted to me. Might just have to save up or wait until it goes on sale.
Ummm…did you see the Belt Bag ($42) ?! I like the bullet point that says, “Belt bags are back!” Well maybe I am out of touch, but in San Diego, Belt Bags are not back. I wouldn’t be caught dead with one. (Although I do wear a hiking one for the 3 Day walk, that is totally different though) Maybe it is for the older crowd? I just don’t get it.

I have never really been a huge fan of Frill. It isnt that I don’t like it, I think that I just like other bags more, so I haven’t really purchased anything from the Frill line. All I have is a little Charm Pouch. I do like the Everything Nice Tote ($58), but I think that I will hold out to get a different tote. One thing to point out about the Frill line is that it will now be lined with a solid color and not the coordinating outside print.

Patchwork/Making Waves
I love patchwork bags and I have really liked what they have done the last couple of seasons, but I am not too excited about this wave design. Maybe it is because I am not really excited about the prints. This is fine with me though, because I will save a few bucks :)

Limited Edition Accessories
I am excited about the Jewelry Roll ($35), they are really cute and I think that they will work perfect for my weekend trips to go visit friends. I have a Jewelry case that I really like, but sometimes it doesn’t hold everything that I want. So maybe if I used both it would work out perfect. I don’t really care for the Jewelry Box, my stuff moves around too much and ends up one big jumbled mess, so I just use it on my dresser and not for traveling. They are also coming out with a Tech Pocket ($18). I wonder if they are planning on retiring the Tech Case ($22) or if this is just going to be a one time offer since they are lumping it in with the Limited Edition Accessories.

In the Clear/Beach
For a girl who lives in San Diego you would be surprised how often I go to the beach…NEVER. I think that it has to do with my pale white skin. It just takes way too much effort to put on sun screen and then stay all covered up at the beach. Plus sand gets everywhere and I swear that I still find sand in my car, house, etc a week later. But regardless, I am excited about the In The Clear bags. I really like the Resort Tote ($58) and the fact that is has a removable clear pocket for your keys, cell phone, whatever you want to keep safe from water and sand. Plus they would be super easy to clean.

Dockside Canvas
I will be buying the Large Tote ($68). I think that this will be a great tote bag and I love the piping on it. They are also going to have a smaller version, but I didn’t post that picture because it didn’t scan the whole page, so it looks funny. I think that I am just craving a solid colored bag.

Seaport Stripe
Super cute and sporty, but I think that I am going to pass on this one too.

My top 3 picks are the Vera Vera Convertible Tote, Dockside Canvas Large Tote and the Limited Edition Jewelry Roll. I can’t wait to see them in person! I hope that they are everything that I am hoping they are. And if I can stick to just liking those 3 things, it would be great because that would be one item a month in the Spring. Not too shabby. Guess I should get busy on ebay now!

What are you most excited about in the Spring?

Click here for the 1st set of Source Book Pics. Click here for the 2nd set of Source Book Pics.

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