Sunday, March 21, 2010

Too much Vera?

Well, I never imagined I would say this, but maybe I have enough Vera. (Gasp) Since I started writing the blog I have been taking pictures of my bags to post, so I have been going though all my Vera and it made me finally think that maybe that I don't need any new Vera for a while. I have never counted all of my Vera because I didn’t want to know how much I really had, but maybe it is time. I know that my collection is probably small compared to some people’s, but everyone has a point when they have more than they can use. I have always tried to buy new bags and new colors to not have too many duplicates. I think the only items I have multiples of are the Tote, Gabby, Ditty Bag, Zip ID case and Zip Sunglass Case and by multiples I mean two in different colors. Maybe if I have enough time this afternoon I will try to lay it all out to count and take a picture. I also keep the tags for all my stuff, I could count those real quick probably. I can’t believe this day has come.

PS. Even though I say I don't think that I am going to get anything for a while, I think that I am going to get the Yoga Mat when it comes out. Does anyone have any idea how much they are going to charge for it?


  1. I think we should should place bets on how many vera items you will by from this points of "stopping" until the end of summer. I'm guessing 11.

  2. 11? Thats a lot of stuff between now and the end if of summer. I would guess more like 4. I mean there isnt a lot that I need. I am up to my eye balls in tote bags!


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