Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pink Pansy, best eBay find ever!

As I said before Pansies are Tri Delta’s flower. Every once and a while I would look on eBay for Tri Delta stuff or for stuff related to our symbols. I would search for pansy stuff in particular and I would come across Vera Bradley Pink Pansy purses. One day I decided to bid on one and from there it snowballed. I bought a Little Betsy, Bitty Betsy, Tote, XL Duffle, Garment Bag, Coin Purse, Wristlet and Jewelry Case. And then I bought my sister Erin a Bitty Betsy, which somehow ended up in a garage sale box. I reclaimed the purse, hopefully someday I will have a daughter or niece and she can use it! How cute will we be with our matching purses?!

Pink Pansy is the perfect pattern for me! It is pink, which I love and it has pansies, which I love! Pink Pansy retired before I started buying Vera Bradley stuff, so all of my items came from eBay. I wish I had started buying the pattern before it retired, although I can’t imagine how many pieces I would have if that were the case!

Vera Bradley also make the same pattern with the pansies, but in yellow and blue instead of pink and it was called Katherine. I also bought a Little Betsy in that pattern, but lets face it. I am pale and have a hard time pulling off yellow.


  1. But you can't pass up the Yellow (Gold) and Blue!!! Can it be any more Tri Delta??!!?? Alison - I love the blog - and didn't expect to be so excited to read about Vera. You are a great blogger - helps that you are truly passionate about the subject!!

  2. I think that Katherine must have been designed by a Tri Delta! Glad you are enjoying reading it!


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