Thursday, March 4, 2010

Charleston Tote, Patchwork done right!

Last week Vera Bradley came out with their new patchwork bags and I was so excited! I have been waiting for the Charleston Tote since someone posted a picture of it online from the spring look book. So I called the Vera Bradley Signature Store in Glendale on Wednesday and by Friday I had my new tote!

In the past Vera Bradley has combined the different patterns that were released that season all together to create their patchwork. I haven’t been too fond of them because the patterns don't always go that well together. Plus people already tell me my bags are crazy and colorful, well just imagine 4 patterns all mashed together. Well this season they got it right! They combined the main outside print with the coordinating pattern that lines the inside of the bag! The combination is amazing! They always have a great coordinating pattern on the inside and now it is on display for everyone to see. I bought the Charleston Tote in Poppy fields and I am totally in love with it!


  1. How big is the Charleston tote in comparison with another bag that's currently out?

  2. Hmm...I was trying to figure out which bag to compare it to. I think the best one would be the reversible tote. It is a little bigger than the reversible tote and opens wider. I like that it has handles and the strap. There are two pockets on the outside like the Morgan, which I love because they are so convenient for my keys and phone.


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