Friday, March 26, 2010

My Sister and her Vera

If there was ever someone who I thought would never like Vera Bradley it was my sister. She looked at my mom and me like we were crazy for liking these bright, patterned bags. Well slowly but surely she came around. She isn’t a fanatic or anything, but she at least now sees the appeal. She even has a few of her own!

Her first Vera was a Card Holder in Hope Garden that she bought on our trip to Hawaii last summer. The next item came when we were in Temecula visiting our cousin Katy. I knew there was a store up there that sold Vera Bradley so we took Katy with us to check it out. We spent way too much time is this great country store called The Farmer's Wife and Erin came home with a Notable Mousepad in Hope Garden. Katy even picked up a couple Vera Bradley items, I believe a Nylon small cosmetic bag and the Black Microfiber Zip Ar0und Wallet. For Christmas I gave Erin a itunes giftcard and decided it would be fun to put in a Zip ID Case, so I got her one in Hope Garden.

For her birthday I couldn’t decide what to get her, but I had a feeling that she would like Sitting in a Tree. I decided to get her the All in One Wristlet. She opened it and she didn’t hate it, but I could tell she was a little hesitant. I thought maybe I had gone too far, maybe four Vera Bradley items was too many. I told her that she could return it or exchange it and I wouldn’t be offended. I knew I had taken a risk. She said no, that she thought that it would work for something and that she would keep it. She works across the way from the store that I bought it at and on a break she wandered in there to check out what else they had and came across the Flapper Wristlet in Sitting in a Tree and decided to exchange for it. I was excited when I found out that she exchanged the one I got her for the Flapper Wristlet. The Flapper Wristlet wasn’t out when I bought her present, but I had seen online and knew it was super cute! And she is really happy with it, which makes me happy.

The one thing we realized that all of Erin’s Veras have in common, is that they aren’t quilted! Vera Bradley quilts almost all of their items and Erin’s collection is strictly non-quilted. There are only a couple of other items I can think of that aren’t quilted like the Quickstep Wallet and the Ditty Bag, but I think that I will wait a while until I try to buy her any more Vera. We have come a long way since the summer! I am so glad all the girls in the fam like Vera!

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  1. Is Sitting In A Tree the green one? I like it!


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