Thursday, March 18, 2010

Summer colors are on the way!

So I tried to scan in my postcard but had technical difficulties, so I had to take a picture of it. Get excited because Summer 2010 are coming out soon! Their official release date is March 22nd, but I bet you can find them sooner if you wanted to. The new colors are Call Me Coral, Make Me Blush (a pastel version of Poppy Fields) Night and Day and Simply Violet. There are also new styles coming out and two of the new styles are a Hobo bag and a travel case. The Hobo bag is the bag on the top of the stack in on the postcard and it looks pretty big!

The new colors look really pretty, but none of them really stand out to me or make me want to go buy them next week, which is actually a good thing, because I don’t know how much more Vera my bank account can handle. I think that I will have to get something in Night and Day though, because it will be nice to have a black and white bag. One thing that I have heard about VB bags with a lot of white on them like Mediterranean White and Hope Garden is that they put something like Scotch Guard on there to help keep them looking nice and clean.

Another thing that I am really looking forward to is a yoga mat! I know they will be in the spring colors and I really want one in Loves Me. I think that they are coming out around the same time, but I am not 100% sure.


  1. I LOVE the make me blush. When they were previewed at my sig store I got a betsy, wristlet, small cosmetic, and zip id. I'm going to have to get the camera case and the water bottle. The problem with the hobo is that it's a snap closure. :( If it zipped it would be mine. Personally I hate the call me coral. It's like bright salmon. :P I'm holding out for the fall colors, mainly very berry paisley and the blue and brown one.

  2. You are so lucky that you got to go to a preview! I have always wanted to go to one, but they don't do them out here and even if they did the closest signature store is over 2 hours away.

    I haven't even seen the fall colors yet because by the time I got online to do the survey, they had enough people take it and weren't offering it anymore. Such a bummer! Plus it seems like people dont post pictures as often on the FB fan page.


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