Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why Vera Bradley is so great

Some of you have asked what makes Vera Bradley so great. There are so many reasons that I love Vera Bradley, but I tried to condense it all to my top 5 reasons Vera Bradley is great:
  1. They are fun! I love the patterns and colors!

  2. They are made out of cotton, so they are super light. Load them up with as much stuff as you want and I bet they are lighter than any other bag you use.

  3. They have so many pockets! Each bag has about 3 slip in pockets on the inside along with a zipper pocket. Some have more or less, but the point is, there is a place for all of your stuff. Everything is nice and organized.

  4. They aren’t expensive compared to designer bags. Almost all of the bags are under $100! Most range from $30 to $80.

  5. There is something for everyone. There are so many styles and colors to pick from. Even my friends who at first said that Vera Bradley wasn’t for them have been able to find at least one color or style that they really like.

Here is a picture of my Alice purse in Loves Me. It is a new color and style for the spring. It has 7 slip in pockets and a zipper pocket. Love it!


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  2. Love the Alice. I think you made a mistake though, the pattern is "Loves Me..." :)

  3. Yes! I totally did! I don't know how I did that! Thank you!


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