Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Signature Store - San Francisco

San Francisco is the Signature Store that I have shopped at the most. I have a bunch of friends in the area, so I always make it a point to swing by the Bloomingdale’s Mall (that’s what we call it, it probably has a real name) to stop in a do a little shopping. This is the smallest of the 4 I have been to, but it is crammed with so much Vera!

My first time I went to the SF Signature Store I went with my friend Melissa. I was going to pick up a Cargo Sling in Yellow Bird for my Mom. When we got there the woman was super nice and helped me find the bag. When I looked at it, it was huge! I sent my mom a picture of it so that she could see how big it was. I asked the woman if they had anything similar that would not be as big and she recommended on the On the Go. The On the Go was the perfect size, so that was what I ended up getting for my mom. She still uses that bag a lot. I don’t remember if I bought a bag for myself or not. I do know that I got the Hugs and Kisses Photo Album (what a cute name!) in Raspberry Fizz for myself and one in Yellow Bird for my mom. It was a special price if you were making a purchase. Oops, I just remembered that the Hugs and Kisses Photo Album isn’t on the list of all my items. I didn’t come across it when I was getting all of that stuff together, so make my total number 113.

This was the day that Melissa finally came around and started liking Vera Bradley. Much like my sister, she was a little slow to like it. She bought her first pieces that day. But more on that later. I am still waiting for her to send me a picture and then I will write up about her and her Vera.

The store in SF also has some of the nicest employees. Actually I have never come across a VB employee I didn’t like. They are all so friendly. That is what makes shopping at one so great! I have even called up there to order stuff and have it mailed to San Diego. Sometimes if they are running a special in store promotion I will call up to order. Lately I have been ordered from Glendale though, because I can get it the next day if I order it early enough in the day before FedEx Ground picks up. Haha, I can’t believe I know that.

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