Monday, March 1, 2010

My first Vera!

My Mom’s birthday was around the corner and the standard response to what do you want for your birthday was not a nice card and to spend time with her daughters, it was a Vera Bradley bag. You mean those bags from convention?! My mom loves blue, so she had her eyes on a Bermuda Blue Villager. They zip closed and would be good for carrying her lunch, purse and nurse stuff. So I found myself at Mary’s Secret Garden when it was in Poway. All I knew was that I was supposed to pick up one of those crazy colorful bags for my Mom and since she never really asked for anything that it was my mission to get one.

I walked into the store and a woman who worked there greeted me. She asked me if she can help me find something in particular. I told her that I was looking for a Vera Bradley Villager in a blue/aqua color. She walked me over to where they keep the Vera Bradley bags. Wow! I have never seen anything like this! There are shelves covered in bright colorful bags. There are soooo many to choose from. I could have never found the bag I was looking for without the woman’s help. But they are out of the Villager! Oh no, what is a girl to do? Well, thank goodness the woman I was speaking with seemed to know everything there was to know about these bags. She recommended a Vera tote because it was a little larger than the Villager and would hold all of the things that my mom wanted to carry. She even showed me how the bag could be flipped inside out. Wow, who knew these bags were so fun?! So then I started looking around and I come across an accessory that seems to fit in my budget. It was a Curling Iron Cover in Sherbet. I have never needed to cover on my hot curling iron before, but all of a sudden I just feel the need to own a piece of Vera myself. I decided to buy the Vera in Bermuda Blue for my mom along with a Double Eyeglass Case. And finally my very own Curling Iron Cover in Sherbet! My first Vera!

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  1. that was my first vera too!! exact same color! how funny!


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