Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reselling Vera Bradley bags I found on craigslist

Once I started buying Vera on ebay I realized that there is a pretty big market for reselling it. At first I couldn’t imagine selling any of my bags! I also started looking on craigslist, but in San Diego there are never very many listed. One time I was lucky enough to find a Cupcakes Pink Villager for $5! I was shocked. That bag retails for $72. I emailed them right away and was able to purchase it. It was quite an adventure picking it up. It was in a rough part of town that I had never been too. The way that I knew for sure it was bad part of town was that there was a pit bull in the front yard. Nothing says welcome like a pit bull. The bag is just like new. She maybe used it a couple of times. The Villager is not really my style so I decided to list it on ebay to see how much I could make. It sold for $33! Pretty good deal!

So I decided to keep looking to see if I could find any other great deals. I was feeling pretty limited by the listings in San Diego and I have a few really good friends in San Francisco so I decided to look on the craigslist up there. Well sure enough I found a Piccadilly Plum Large Duffel in like new condition for $20. I knew there was a high demand for Piccadilly Plum so I asked my friend Melissa to pick it up for me. On her lunch break she had to go across town to pick it up, what a trooper! I went up to visit SF later that month and picked up the bag. When I got home I listed it on ebay immediately and it sold for $61!

Those are the only bags I have purchased off of craigslist, but I still keep a look out for good deals. Although now I just look in San Diego, so that I am not tempted to send Melissa on a lunchtime adventure to pick up bags for me.

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