Friday, October 8, 2010

Vera and the TSA

Last night I flew to Sacramento because this weekend I am going to my cousin Russell's wedding and my friend Sophia's baby shower. My suitcase was really full. I had my Super Tote packed so I could take stuff to the shower (I am in charge of games and prizes). So I decided to use my Super Tote as a carry on and throw a couple of bags in it and my shoes.

TSA ran my tote through their x ray machine and asked who the bag belonged to because it looked like there was a knife or shank in it. I was thinking no way! Just shoes and bags. So they ran it through again and still said the same thing, so they were going to have to look through it.

She asked me if there was anything sharp in my bag and I told her no. She started looking through the main part of my bag, no problem. Then she was going to look in one of the ten pockets that the Super Tote and the light bulb went off! I remembered that I did have a knife in my bag! Oops!

Last week I was helping out at Tri Deltas recruitment and we bought 6ft sandwiched for the girls. I threw a knife (my pink breast cancer awareness one from Pampered Chef!) in my tote in case we needed it. We never ended up using it and it was at the bottom of one of the pockets so I forgot to take it out of the tote.

The woman at TSA was really nice about it. She asked me if I wanted to go back and check it. I had a bag with a zipper in my Super Tote so I threw the knife in there and my shoes so I wouldn't have to carry them and she escorted me out of security so I could go back to the check in counter. Thank goodness Southwest doesn't charge for your first two bags! I love Southwest! I checked my knife and I was on my way!
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  1. You have the unconditional RIGHT to opt-out of the naked body scanners.
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