Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vera Bradley Lucille Sunglasses

Sorry that I didn't post yesterday, lets just say it has been one of those weeks.

I realised that I never posted about my sunglasses that I purchased back in August. After I lost my sunglasses in Mission Bay, I bought a pair on a road trip that I took to San Francisco. I bought a pair of Lucille sunglasses and they have Totally Turq on the inside. I love these sunglasses! They have a white enamel on the outside and I have never had white sunglasses before. They go with everything just like black, but they aren't so dark on my face.

I do have one comment about the case or now non-case that they give you with them. With my pair that I lost in Mission Bay, I got a nylon covered back hard case which was great. (You can see both cases in the pictures) They protected my sunglasses and it was a clam shell so it was fast and easy to open. Now they give you a little cloth cover and that is it. They make sure to tell you that you can use it as a cleaning cloth and that it will be enough to protect your glasses. Well I should have just gone with my gut and used my old black nylon one (or my pinwheel pink or night owl zip around sunglass case) to protect them. While on my last trip to Sacramento a couple weeks ago my glasses got bend! I was so bummed. I put them on and it felt like they were resting on my right cheek, so I looked over at my mom and friend and asked if they looked lopsided and they both started laughing and said yes. My mom said not to worry about it, that we could get it fixed. We had to run to Walmart to pick something up and she said that their eye glasses department would be able to fix them. So we went to the eye glasses doctor at the front of the store and asked if he would be able to fix them. He said they were pretty bad and he would really need to bend them and that there was a possibility that they would break. I told him to just go for it, because I couldn't wear them the way they were because I would look like a crazy person. So he fixed them for me. When I asked him how much I owed him, he told me not to worry about it. That was awesome!

So when I got back home I pulled out the black nylon case and I have been using it ever since. I really think that Vera Bradley needs to go back to giving out a hard case with their sunglasses. I used to just purchase sunglasses at Ross or Marshalls so that I didn't have to pay too much, so if I am going to spend a little extra to get Vera Bradley sunglasses, I don't think that a hard case to protect them is too much to ask.

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