Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vera Bradley Winter Parties

My friend Alissa went to the Vera Bradley store in Roseville to use her birthday coupon! (Happy Birthday Alissa!!! on Halloween) She picked up a Tech Case in Baroque. The more I see that color the more I like it. I dont know if it would go with anything that I wear, but I really dont worry about that too much anways.

Alissa and Tiffany also were given invitations to the Vera Bradley party in November! The invites are cute and they are also in Baroque. I must be doing a great job of not buying any Vera because I didnt get an invite this time around. It is the first time I havent received an invite and I was a little bummed, but I can never go anways, so I dont know why I even cared. I wil be in Sacramento on November 10th though, so if I was getting to town early enough, I could go to the open party that day, but alas, I have to fly out after work and I wont make it in time. Amber got an invite to that party.

Here is a run down of the special offers for the Nov 10th party:

10am to Noon, Free coin purse with any purchase
Noon to 3pm, 3 Wallets for $15 each: One for the Money, Euro and Mini Zip
3pm t0 6pm, 20% off any tech item
6pm to close, Buy one get one 50% off

I do get in town in time to go for the last offer, but I really, really dont NEED anything, I just want things :) So I think that I will wait until November when hopefully I get my birthday coupon to purchase something.


  1. I love baroque!! It's so me! I can't wait to use my bag!

  2. I got an invite mailed to me, it's just a flier though, not as cute as the ones there. It a school day for my daughter so I probaly won't be able to go, although I'm tempted to have my MIL stop by to get me a wallet:)

    PS: I am in love with my Baroque Alice bag!!!


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