Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Road Trip

When I go on weekend trips I always take my Vera Bradley bags. Sometimes I wonder how I got by without all of my Vera Bradley bags. They all are so handy. Here is a list of what I used this weekend, not counting what was in my Pleated Tote that I was using as a purse.

XL Duffel, Pink Pansy
Ditty Bag, Loves Me
Medium Bow Cosmetic, Pink Elephants
Large Cosmetic, Raspberry Fizz
Clear Lotion Bag, Cupcakes Pink
Super Tote, Pinwheel Pink
Pleated Tote, Cupcakes Pink

I went to Big Bear to spend the weekend scrapbooking, one of my favorite hobbies. I took Friday off of work and headed up there. The weather in southern California has been cloudy, drizzle, rain, it was nice to head up the mountain and have blue skies with puffy clouds. It was beautiful, even if I spent most of the weekend inside. We stay at a bed and breakfast that was a conference room that they rent out to scrapbooking groups. I have been up there at least half a dozen times. It is so nice to throw all of my stuff in my Vera bags and take off for the weekend. Plus I am glad that I get to use so many of them, I would feel bad if they all just sat in my closet all of the time. I can justify having them if I actually use them :)


  1. We must be twins! Same name, same vera addiction, same hobby!

  2. I took several Vera items this weekend too!
    Large duffel, ditty bag, large cosmetic bag & large bow cosmetic in Daisy Daisy.
    Pleated tote in Cupcake Pink
    Squared Away in Baroque


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