Friday, October 29, 2010


Since Halloween is on Sunday this year, I will guess that most of you are going to be celebrating Halloween all weekend! This year at work is the first year in my 5 years of working here that we are doing nothing, zero, nada for Halloween! I am kind of bummed, but I will get over it. I really wanted to wear my costume to work today!!! Oh well, it will just have to wait until tonight. I can't wait to let you know what I am going to be...but I picture is better than describing it, so you are just going to have to wait. If you are lucky I will upload a picture from my phone tonight, otherwise you might just have to wait for it sometime this weekend.

Click here to check out these fun pictures on facebook of the Vera Bradley staff dressed up for Halloween. Each department has a different theme and they all turned out great!

What are you going to be for Halloween??

Have a fun and safe Halloween!!! Trick or Treat!

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