Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am going to a friend's Halloween party and I need a costume. You can't go to the party unless you are dressed up. I was trying to think of something that I could be and she said, "you know what you should be?" I asked what? "A Vera Bradley bag!" Hmm...I never thought of that. It does sound like a lot of fun though, so today I am running to the fabric store at lunch to see if I can find any material that I think would work. I was going to try to find a material that matches a VB print, but then I realised that none of my friends would know the difference. If it is pink and bright and printed they will be able to guess that I am a Vera Bradley bag. My mom even said that she would make me a dress out of it. So wish me luck in finding fabric! This could be a really cute Halloween costume!


  1. I have seen Vera fabric for sale online somewhere....good luck!

  2. I've seen Vera fabric for sale on Etsy!


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