Friday, October 15, 2010

City Sport vs. Mulberry

I was reading one of the Vera Bradley discussion boards on facebook (not the official VB discussion board) and Rachel pointed out that Target was going to be carrying a Mulberry line in October and that one of the bags looked simular to the City Sport bags. I happened to be a Target this week and I saw the bags in person! They just released this week. They have a navy blue bag, just like the City Sport collection, but the blue on the main part of the bag is more of a denim than a canvas or nylon. They both have pattent leather on them. I think that they are pretty cute and at half the price they might be a good substitute for someone who was intereted in City Sport but not willing to sepnd the $$$.

You can check out the Target Mulberry Collection here. The City Sport collection still isnt on I havent been to a store since it was released, so I dont have any pictures for you to compair it to.

Check out the purse at the bottom (sorry, my pink cell phone cover kind of got in the way).


  1. I went to Target today to get something and was looking for this display (or something similar to it) and all they had was the pink paper background. They've already sold out of everything.

  2. I got mine yesterday. Our Target still had 2, but I hear they are hard to find.


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