Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vera Bradley Summer/Fall Rumors

One of the blog readers was visiting a store last week while the Vera Bradley sales rep was there and was able to ask some questions that I think that we have all had.  Check out the answers here, but just remember that this is just speculation and we don't know everything for sure.  

The next retirement will be Lemon Parfait, Blue Lagoon and Folkloric on March 2nd. 

As noted on the Summer 2012 posts - that collection will release on March 22nd. 

Vera Bradley probably will release 6 colors in the Fall, but will break it up into two releases. 

And last but not least...it sounds like the Pleated Tote is just going to be restyled!  So hopefully all of us Pleated Tote fans wont have to wait long to see the new style!


  1. You may already know this Alison, but for anyone that doesn't know. You can always tell which prints will be going in to retirement when the new ones are released. They never put out a new style of bag in the prints that are to be retired next. Like the Laura bag for this season, if you look through the prints the ones that are missing are Blue Lagoon, Lemon Parfait, and Folkloric.


  2. Thanks Candy! Yes, I have used that before to figure out what will be retiring next. And the opposite is also true...for a retiring style, they wont produce it in the new colors.

  3. To add to the speculation......At my local VB store (also in the DC area), the sales rep. told me to expect more very vera paisley in fun summer items for the summer collection =)

  4. Hi Alison,

    Does this mean you might return your Go Round Tote? And are you going to buy a restyled Pleated Tote?

  5. Does anyone know if the camera bag coming out in May will be released in the fall colors? I love the summer colors but I think I'd really like the camera bag in Plaid Meets Paisley.


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