Monday, January 23, 2012

Vera Bradley Store for the Spring 2012 Release

I made it to the Vera Bradley store on Friday after work.  I was excited to go see the new styles since I had seen the colors back when they previewed them in August.  

This is a photo of the outside of the store...very welcoming like heading to a friends house!

Island Blooms display in the window

Rosy Posies


Ellie Blue


  1. Do you think that they will ever bring back dog carriers?

  2. Did you buy anything?

  3. So I went to my local VB store on Friday planning on buying the new phone case.. but they were back ordered :( does anyone know what size phone it holds? In the pic it shows an iPhone, but I was really hoping it would fit my android...

    1. It fits the Android, the sides of the case are stretching making phones that are a little larger than the iphone fit.

  4. I dont think that they will be bring back dog holders since it has been so long since they have made them. I did pick up a few things...check tomorrow's post to see what. And I am not sure which phones will be in the phone case, if you call a Vera Bradley store they might be able to tell you if your android will fit.

  5. Do you think they will ever make bedspreads?

  6. I got Ellie Blue in a Vera. Sad to realize they are going to be getting rid of the Pleated Tote and Squared Away... why do they keep getting rid of the larger purses?? Augghhhhh!!!!!!

  7. I'm glad people are starting to show the Go Round Tote some love! It was in 3 of the 4 displays at the store Alison went to. I hope it becomes really popular!


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