Thursday, January 26, 2012

Island Blooms Go Round Tote

I decided to get a Go Round Tote in Island Blooms since it was on sale over the weekend.  This is my first Go Round Tote and I am excited about it.  I think that it will be great for going to work since I normally have extra stuff with me.  All the pockets will help me keep everything organized too. 

In San Diego I didnt have to worry about season (mainly because we dont have them, haha) but here in DC this bag might be a bit too summery for winter.  It looks a little out of place in the snow.  I guess I will have to wait a few more months.  


  1. I got mine in Rosie Posie and I love it. I'm seriously having a hard time deciding whether or not I like more than my pleated tote.

    I don't think you need to wait until summer to carry your Island Blooms tote. Personally I feel like it's the perfect thing to brighten up dreary winter day (I live in MA so I know!). :)

  2. I have the Go Round Tote in Mocha Rouge and it's perfect for school! It fits so much stuff and books and the straps are strong. I personally like it better than the Pleated Tote although I never bought it, but a girl in my school has one and it always looks so stuffed! Anyway who is on the fence of buying one should just go and commit, trust me you won't be disappointed!


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