Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Reason I am Looking Forward to Island Blooms

A friend posted a link to ebay for a pair of Jack Rogers Vera Bradley Peacock Sandals and I bid and won!  I couldn't be more excited!  They are brand new! 

People in California (well my friends, I guess I shouldn't generalize) don't wear Jack Rogers sandals.  I didnt even know what they were until I moved to DC and saw girls wearing them throughout the spring and summer.  I think that they are so cute and can be casual or dressed up a little.  I had tried them on at Nordstrom but wasn't ready to pay full price for them. I looked on ebay over the summer a few times, but had pretty much forgot about them since I havent been able to wear sandals for months.  Good thing I waited because now I have the best of both worlds!  

An Island Blooms bag will go great with my new sandals!!! I can't wait for summer! 


  1. Thilled that you got them. Looking forward to seeing you wear them with your new IB bag. What color toe nail polish?

  2. They are CUTE!! They really remind me of the older pattern peacock!!

  3. Probably a bright pink like Zoya Eva. That is what color my toes were painted then they arrived and I thought the colors all looked bright and summery.

    It is the old Peacock pattern :)

  4. gorgeous sandals, i adore Peacock.

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  6. Have you seen these around anywhere else? I'm dying for a pair!


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