Monday, January 30, 2012

My Island Blooms Ditty Bag Arrived!

When I went to the Vera Bradley store to buy my Go Round Tote I picked up a few other things and qualified to get the free gift with purchase.  I love the Ditty Bag and decided that I wanted to pick up an  additional one.  I picked Island Blooms, but they were out of them, so they offered to have one mailed to me and it arrived at the end of last week.  I just cant get over how much I really love this print!  I think that the bright colors really make the print pop and it just makes me happy :) 

The box my Ditty Bag arrived in

 Here is a postcard that was in the box promoting the new colors 

Back of the card


  1. I have a wishlist a mile long of Island Bloom :D

  2. I love Island Blooms! I was dead set on Island Blooms when I walked into my local Vera retailer this past weekend. I ended up leaving with the new Laura style in Camellia. I thought Camellia looked like an old lady blouse print when I saw it in the catalog, but seeing it in person changed my mind. I loves all the blacks and grays and it had way more detail than it looked like in the catalog. I still want Island Blooms closer to spring. Right now I'm enjoying the lovely neutrals in Camellia.



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