Sunday, January 29, 2012

TJ Maxx Sightings

Some TJ Maxx stores still have a decent amount of bags left!  Here are a couple of photos that readers sent in this week.  

 This photo is from Danielle, not sure about the location. 

And this one is from Brenda at the Stafford, VA store.

Thanks ladies! 


  1. Vera Bradley is losing everything it used to be. I'm sad that small unique boutiques can't carry a very large selection anymore because they can't keep up with how fast the patterns change. I loved being on vacation and finding a cool shop to get a new Vera. How long will it be before it's at Kmart or Wal mart?

  2. Why would Kmart or Wal Mart start selling Vera? It's too expensive to be sold there, and too "classy", I guess you could say. Just because they are sending some overstock of retired patterns to stores like TJMaxx, doesn't mean that the brand is going down hill. There are a lot of other big name brands (Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hillfiger, Guess, ect.) at TJMaxx type stores too, and you don't see those brands sold at Wal Mart.

  3. My local boutique told me they've stopped carrying Vera Bradley because "it's being mass marketed and sold at Dillards." Their last new stuff was from Summer 2011 and this past week they sold their remaining pieces. I guess businesses have to do what they think best for their survival, whether VB, boutiques or TJMaxx.


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