Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vera Bradley Links: Jan 22-28, 2012

I always come across interesting articles about Vera Bradley, some I have shared in posts, but some I don't get a chance to write about.  So I think every once and a while I will just start posting the links.  Just click on it to be taken directly to the article.  

Here are the articles that I came across last week: 

Vera Bradley donates to sick children and their families as part of the Super Bowl weekend.

Vera Bradley store opening at Opry Mills on March 29.

Vera Bradley is now available at Neiman Marcus.

Vera Bradley outlet sale tickets go on sale Feb 1.

Another Vera Bradley outlet sale article.

Third Vera Bradley outlet sale article.

Fourth Vera Bradley outlet sale article.

cinda b bags compared to Vera Bradley.

Vera Bradley Spring 2012 at Dillards. 


  1. I can't belive Vera Bradley is at Dillards! I looked at their selection and it's kind of limited. Do you know if they will get more items?

  2. It has been at Dillards since the summer time. They only carry part of the collection, not all of the pieces.

  3. Opry Mill is about 20 minutes from my house. They had closed the entire mall down because of the huge flood we had two years ago, we didn't have a Vera store before! UPGRADE!!!

  4. Thanks for your reply! It helped a lot!


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