Monday, January 24, 2011

Vera Bradley Emily Tote - Amazing Deal on Ebay!

A special night time post, because I wont have time tomorrow. It is time to share my great deal that I got from ebay last week! One of my Vera friends posted a link to this tote because it was such a great deal! It was on ebay as a "buy it now" listing...for drum roll please...$4! I was shocked! It was listed at excellent used condition, which it is. I had a coupon for ebay for $2 off. So I got this tote for $2 plus shipping! I couldn't believe it. I have always liked the color Emily, but never found anything in it worth purchasing until now. Scroll through the photos to see the surprise I found at the bottom of my tote.

This is the front of my tote.

Back of the tote...just like the front of the tote.

Here is a close up of the print. It has pansies! Emily was made from July 2004 - January 2006.

On the pocket they sewed a button and elastic to make a closure for the pocket. I didn't even notice it in the listing, but I don't mind. It is kind of nice to have on there to keep the pocket shut.

I was looking into the bottom of my tote and something didn't look quite right. Well that would be because there is a fabric wrapped Americana Red base board!

So I pulled that out and this is what the bottom really looks like. Anyone need a base board in Americana Red???? Haha. I kind of like that print too now! Guess I will keep an eye out on ebay for a deal!


  1. I would love the Americana fabric! I would make a flower pin to wear in my hair or on my shirt! There would probably be enought for two if you want me to make you one! Jenn Crosby

  2. Just emailed you Jenn, if you want it, it's yours!


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