Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today is the day! Vera Bradley Spring Release

Today is the day! I can't believe that it is here. I thought that I was going to be super excited, but I actually am not as excited as I thought that I was going to be. Maybe it would be more fun if the stores near me had fun Vera Bradley promotions going on. There is one store not too far away, but when I called the girl barely seemed to even know about Vera Bradley. The other stores are all at least 30 minutes away, so I don't have time to go anytime soon to check it out.
Just so you know, the new collections are on,, and eBags has free shipping if you spend over $75. I don't have a code for that, it was just added automatically when I went through ebates. eBags also have the highest percent of cash back on ebates. I am really tempted to buy the Get Carries Away Tote, but for some reason I am not feel compelled to buy it today. So I just might wait a while.
I am loving Folkloric and Blue Lagoon is growing on me. Not too sure about the other two colors though, I think I am not a fan of the pattern.
What have you all purchased today?


  1. We were at our Sig Store because there wasn't any snow forecasted and my mom wanted us to meet her there and have lunch. But it was kind of a disappointmenting shopping trip. I thought I was going to LOVE Folkloric but I think they over brightened it online because it's not as colorful in person. The colors were duller then I expeced, the orange was more like a coral. I didn't end up getting anything in it, but I was prepared to get a backpack or get carried away. I may still, I do still like it...kinda, but it just didn't jump out as a a love like VBP did at first sight, way disappointing. Will have to see if it grows on me.

    The purple pattern is a lot prettier than I expected, although I still probably won't get anything in it. My mom really liked that one.

    Blue Lagoon is the best of the new patterns, I REALLY like it. I got the Carry All Wristlet in it, it's so much better than the All in One Wristlet. My phone fits a lot better and there's way more credit card slots. I got my kiddo a Caitlyn in Blue Lagoon because as expected she loved it. It's kinda small, I'd have loved to get her a Lizzie but they are a bit pricey at $46 and I did just get her a Totally Turq backpack on clearence.

    I had an exchange and didn't spend enough to get the coin purse, which I was totally bummed about. Those are so cute, I would've bought one if I could. I forgot to see if they were for sale. But I didn't just want to get stuff to get stuff...and none of the regular ladies were there, and the ones there were kinda annoying. They could see I had a SU, my daughter had her backpack, and my mom and OTG but they were talking to us like we were idiots. Not cool.

  2. I ended up just purchasing an ereader case in twirly bird pink! I had a $26 credit and it was something I needed. I was really hoping that QVC would have the Mandy bag, but they didn't. However, after seeing the Eloise bag with 11 pockets I think I want it now, but probably in an older color. I'm not really sold on any of the colors. They just aren't me. I think I need to see them in person. I like the Blue Lagoon, but it's not me. I honestly like the inside patterns better than the outside patterns!

  3. Sonya, they do have the Mandy bag. It is on waitlist though and only in Blue Lagoon and Lemon Parfait. Someone said that waitlist orders normally get filled.


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