Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Vera Bradley Fan - Veronica

My friend Veronica came to visit me during my Christmas break, you can bet I was surprised when I picked her up from the airport and she was sporting her new Weekender in Baroque! Her sister got it for her for Christmas...I cant think of a better Christmas gift. Plus Veronica loves black, so it is a great pattern for her. So, Veronica, welcome to my obsession.

And look what she brought for me...a button coin purse in Buttercup! I didn't have anything in Buttercup yet. Thanks Veronica! It came in handy for holding the change we needed for all of the downtown parking while she was here.

I used my tree as a prop for this photo shoot. I just took the picture of the button coin purse last night...I don't want to take down my tree yet. Maybe this weekend.


  1. What a great Christmas gift, that's currently my favorite pattern. I love my Alice in Baroque although currently I've been wearing a lot of brown and carrying my Imperial Toile. We've got that cute Buttercup coin purse too but ER likes the one in Pink Twirly Birds better. My mom likes it so I may pass it on to her. We normally keep our tree up through all of January. We like it so much and how pretty is looks we enjoy it for two months.

  2. The button up coin purse is adorable-- I have not seen this style before-- limited edition??

    Thank you--

  3. I still dont have anything in Baroque, it has been the 1st pattern for a few of my friends. I can't believe how many people became fans because of that pattern!

    I am seriously considering keeping my tree up longer because I dont want to have to take the time to put everything away and because I love my Christmas decorations :)

    Fran, the button up coin purse was a gift with purchase in the fall. Some store might still have them...check with a signature store.

  4. Thank you, Alison--
    I use to receive promotional post cards but not anymore. I still receive catalogs, but anything else is a hit or miss. I recently came across your blog-- which I find very fun and informative. Thank you for sharing your vera passion!



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