Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thursday - Vera Bradley Spring Frill is Released

I am posting this tonight, because I have been in such a rush in the mornings. Thursday the new Frill line is out! I am not a huge fan of Frill, but I do get the appeal. Check out this video that Vera Bradley posted on and youtube. Frill will be available in Boysenberry, Folkloric and Blue Lagoon.

I dont think that I am a fan of the scalloped edge.


  1. The scalloped edge is what I LOVE about this set of new frill:) I think I'm going to have Brad get me a new hobo for Valentine's Day. Now to decide between Blue Lagoon and Boysenberry...not too thrilled that the inside lining is plain. Is that a cost saving decision? I hate it, the patterned inside is in my opinion one of the things that make Vera's so special and unique.

  2. Got the boysenberry charm(s). SO ADORABLE! :)


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