Friday, January 14, 2011

Pictures from the Vera Bradley Spring 2011 Release

My friend Amber was lucky enough to be able to to go the Vera Bradley store in Roseville, CA yesterday! And I was lucky to have her send me some pictures! I also broke down and ordered a Folkloric Get Carried Away Tote. I had Amber pick it out for me so that it would have good pattern placement, plus I kind of wanted the Peek-a-Boo Coin Purse, so I got one to match my new tote. I was just going to have Amber hold on to it until I come visit again, but decided to have it shipped. Amber was nice enough to use the money left on her gift card to pay for the shipping! She seriously made my day by helping me pick out a tote and having it shipped! It is definitely the highlight of my not so awesome week. Oh and by the way...I was on the phone with her taking care of all this while I was at my kickball game! I hope to get my new tote by Wednesday :)

I love Vera Bradley water bottles! Looks like they are raffling off a Mandy!
Boysenberry and Vera Vera

Eloise, Gallery Wallet, Lizzy and eReader sleeve
The picture explains this one.
I am kind of loving Blue Lagoon!
The new Carry it All Wristlet. Amber went to check these out because the are supposed to hold larger cell phones easier. She said she still prefers the All in One because she doesnt want to have to deal with the snap on the phone part.
Eloise seemed to be pretty popular yesterday on the discussion boards...I am still not convinced.
Lemon Parfait

Eloise has 11 pockets! There is a place for everything!
Thanks again Amber! You are the best!


  1. Do you know what style those bags are that are hanging in the background of the Lemon Parfait pic?

    Thanks for the photos. I'm looking forward to visiting the VB store there on March 9!

  2. Those are Frannies:

    You're welcome! Have fun at the VB store!!

  3. Thanks Alison! I might just have to have one of those. I went over to the VB site and have found about 4 bags I want. Hmmm...that's somewhat troubling. How will I ever choose?? LOL. Thanks again.

  4. I love Blue Lagoon! Aaah! It's so pretty. I can't wait to get my paycheck next week. I was looking at the new bag, called the Mandy, but haven't seen any pics or reviews on it.

    I think after a year of No Vera, I deserve it!

  5. There are VB discussion boards? Tell me where please! All the pictures look great, it's making me wish I lived closer to a store!

  6. @ thereadingmother - The main place is on the Vera Bradley facebook page. They have a discussion tab where people talk about Vera Bradley. Some of it is clutter...peoeple selling things, etc. But for the most part it is good. There are a couple other ones if you just search for Vera Bradley. There are some other websites too, like live journal but I havent used those.


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