Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vera Bradley Let Me Check

Now through Monday, January 31st you can pick up a Let Me Check notebook/checklist in the 4 new spring colors for $8.


  1. These are so cute!! Totally going to have to pick one up this weekend!!

  2. Unfortunatly my local Vera dealer is AWFUL! They are a swanky upscale clothing boutique and they NEVER offer these fun promotions. They always say they are at the "dealer discretion" to offer them. We have heard so many excuses as to why we can't get one of these. One time they wouldn't let me buy a promoational item because my mom had bought one already....they said one per household, but I don't even live with my mom. So LONG story short I was able to track this notebook down at a retailer further away and they will ship it to me! Yah! Does anyone else have trouble with there Vera Dealer?

  3. Is this only in stores? I hope the snow doesn't prevent us from getting to the other side of town on Saturday.


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