Sunday, September 26, 2010

Decluttering - Continued...Finally Selling Some of my Vera Bradley Bags

Alright! Decluttering time! I finally feel like I have time to mail these out if people buy them and I found boxes to ship them. All of the bags below are for sale and the price includes shipping…which is whatever shipping method is the cheapest. If you want insurance or it to have confirmation, then you might have to pay extra. Whatever I don’t sell in the next few days will be listed on craigslist or ebay. Email me at if you wan to purchase anything. If there are multiple people who want the same thing then who ever I got an email from first gets first grabs at it. I am only taking payments through paypal. If you have any questions just let me know.

I already have them in boxes, so I don’t really want to take more pictures, but if you ask really nice and are sincerely interested I might take a few for you.

Mediterranean Blue Mini Notebook $10 New in Package (Not selling the Journal, decided to put in the box of stuff we are mailing to soldiers in Afganistan)

Terry Cloth Little Tote (Handbag) $35 Like New

Vera Bradley 2009 Holiday Tote Blue Rhapsody NWT $35

Katherine Little Betsy – EUC $30

Backsack Petal Pink NWT $30

Paprika Bucket Tote $30 EEEUC Only used once. I have the tag for it.

Cell Phone Case Pinwheel Pink NWT $15

Pink Pansy Tote GUC Purchased on ebay when I was na├»ve about Vera Bradley bags. Bag as soiled handles and the bottom corners are worn. It didn’t come with a baseboard, but Vera Bradley sent me a new one that I put in it. $25

SOLD - All in One Raspberry Fizz EUC $25 You can kind of see a little wear on the corners. They aren’t fraying, but it looks like a couple corners probably rubbed on my dark wash jeans or picked up a little dirt from sitting on a bar. Nothing too noticeable, but if you are picky then you should know what you are getting. I bought this because I think that it has PERFECT pattern placement. Check out that paisley!
There were a few other bags in my decluttering pile. I gave my Mom the Windsor Navy Hipster I just purchased along with a Simply Violet Trip Kit and my Patchwork Envelop. So I would say that decluttering when pretty well! I am proud of myself!
Side note: apparently decluttering isn’t a word…but that is fine with me, I am going to use it anyways
Happy Shopping!

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  1. I know this was over a year ago...but I want the Paprika Bucket Tote $30 <3 hahaha xoxox happy holidays!


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