Friday, September 10, 2010

Winter 2010 Patterns!

I feel like the Winter 2010 Patterns are already out since they previewed them a while back, but in reality they dont get released until a little later this month. Sept 23rd is their official release date and this time around there are 5 new patterns! Kind of overwhelming. The new colors are Baroque, Buttercup, Twirly Bird Navy, Twirly Bird Pink and Versailles. I dont have really good pictures of the colors so I am going to send you over to Discount Fabric and Bags to check out their pictures.

Which one is your favorite? I think that I want something in Twirly Bird Navy!


  1. Thanks for the link I've heard about Twirly Bird but hadn't been able to find a preview anywhere. I stand by my love of Baroque but I really am not feeling Versailles. I am wondering if it's the pattern my MIL described to me as seeing at the Warehouse Sale that they had piles of that no one would touch. I know it's probably not since Warehouse Sale stuff is supposed to be discountinued fabrics but it really looks like what she described. I saw this one at the Sig Store when they did their preview and just HATED it. I am also not crazy about buttercup so I think my husband might be happy that for once I don't like everything.


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