Monday, August 30, 2010


My sister sent me an article about simplifying life. There are four areas that they suggest, but the two that stood out to me were Pare Down your Library and Simplify your Closet. So I have been working on de-cluttering my house all week. I went through all of my books and got rid of some that I will probably never read again and some randoms. I have decided to break my closet into parts. So far I have only gone through my sweaters, but I found some that I would never wear again and added them to the garage sale pile that is starting to take over my parent's dining room. (We have been planning a garage sale to raise money for the 3 Day walk, but cant find a Saturday morning to do it!)

Now on to the good stuff. I decided that if I was serious about de-cluttering my place that it should probably include my Vera bags! I didnt think that I could do it alone, so I packed up most of my Vera in my suitcase and some of my accessories in my Super Tote. When I got to my parents house I spread it out over their living room and then got to work. I separated it all into piles and then decided what I had too much of and what I hadnt used in a long time and added it to a pile of bags that I would sell. My mom went through it with me the first time and then when my sister got there she went through it. I almost got rid of my Chanticleer Petite Villager because it is so small, but Erin convinced me that I really should keep it. Erin's favorite part of sorting through the bags was when I was trying to decide if I should keep my Reversible Tote in Symphony in Hue. I dont think that it has enough pockets and kind of ends up like a black hole, but I said, "It has so many colors, it is like a neutral." Erin thought that was hysterical. What I should have said is that it has so many colors it goes with everything!

So, I gave two things to my sister and I have 11 that I am going to sell. A couple of my friends told me last time that I sold stuff on ebay that I have to let them know before I sell stuff so that they can have first dibs. So once I run stuff by them I will probably try to sell them on facebook. I will let you know.

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