Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vera Bradley Silk Polka Dot Tote

So I think that I have decided that I need to become a night blogger. When I try to blog in the morning sometimes I run out of time and I have to hustle to get to work. So now maybe you will get one in the morning, but I think that I am going to start posting them at night.

So one of my readers Katie posted a link to an ebay sale that was for a Vera Bradley Polka Dot Silk Tote. Neither of us had ever heard of such a Vera Bradley bag. Have any of you ever heard of it or does anyone have one? It was listed on ebay for $50.
I am normally a fan of polka dots, but for some reason I don't really like this pattern. Maybe I am just used to more print :)

Here are a couple of pictures:


  1. What does it say on the inside? Is there Vera tags anywhere like the zipper ribbon?

  2. The lining say Vera Bradley, but the seller didnt have any pictures of a tag or anything like that. I mean it looks like it could be a Vera Bradley because of the lining, but I am still not sure.

  3. I seen this bag at a flea market, where they sell fake bags with designer labels, look a likes. I would say this is one of them. Someone is going to buy this thinking its a real Vera and not be a happy camper, and nether would I be.

  4. oh no...this bag is 100% true. I had one of these quite a few years ago and actually forgot about it until I just saw this one! Mine was in yellow and it came in bright sky blue as well....it was a fun, fun bag - and yes, SILK!


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