Monday, April 30, 2012

Outlet Store Finds from April 2012

I was at a work event half way between home and the Vera Bradley outlet store, so I called up the store, found out they had 30% off EVERYTHING and decided to go once we wrapped up work.  I really dont need anything, but I was curious to see what they had since I hadn't been in a while and thought it might be nice to pick something up for 30% off.  

I almost bought a Rachel, but I think that it would be too small.  They are $24.99 and on sale only, $17.49....I carried it around for a few minutes and then put it back.  I did end up buying a Clutch Cosmetic, Perfect Match Pen and Pencil Set & a Zip ID Case.  Also grabbed two tins of mints at check out, since the VB stores dont have them anymore.

Here is the breakdown of what I spend/saved. 
Clutch Cosmetic  $28 reg, $9.99 outlet, $6.99 sale
Pen and Pencil Set  $30 reg, $14.99 outlet, $10.49 sale
Zip ID Case  $12 reg, $7.99 outlet, $5.59 sale

Could have been $70, but I got it all for $23.07!!!  I love when I save more than I spend :)  And yes, I know I would save even more if I didnt buy anything at all. 

Some of you might know that I already have a Raspberry Fizz Zip ID Case.  I use one daily to hold my metro card and it is starting to show some wear.  Since I will probably never see Raspberry Fizz at the outlet again, I decided to pick one up while they had it!  You can never have too much Raspberry Fizz if you ask me! 


  1. great deals, Alison! i've never been to an outlet Vera. At one of my local Vera Stores, they had the Shoot from the hip in the 50%off rack, i got it in Ellie Blue for 19.00. Was really happy with that. Unfortunately we dont have an outlet anywhere close to where i live. :(

    1. What a great deal! The outlet stores will ship, I believe they charge $8 for shipping, so if you are ever looking for something you can give one of them a call!

  2. Nice! I live really close to a Vera outlet. It can be a problem, actually :-)

  3. I love the clutch cosmetic! Such a great, sunny yellow.

  4. Great Deals! I love that clutch cosmetic. I wish I'd picked up some of that canvas collection at the Outlet Sale now. I'm hoping to get to the outlet store outside Chicago sometime this summer.

  5. That's where I work!! yeah for the Vera Leesburg Outlet :)


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