Monday, April 23, 2012

Vera Bradley Be Colorful - In Bloom #VBTour on the Road!

Guess what that is!!

Look what one of my Vera friends spotted today!  I know I said this before, but this is one of my favorite Vera Sightings!

The Vera Bradley Be Colorful - In Bloom tour rolling down the street! 

She passed the camera to her daughter in the backseat and just had her snap away!  I love that they were able to take so many photos!  I would have been so excited to see that driving down the road!  


  1. Is there a list for the stores they are going to stop at.? I tried calling Vera directly and didn't get much of an answer as to where they were going and when ?

  2. They arent posting a list. I found this article where they say they want to surprise and delight their fans by randomly showing up. Here is the article:

  3. Thanks for the information . Well , I wish it would come by here but I don't think it is suppose to is what I was told . thanks for sharing your pictures , though I enjoyed seeing them !!!


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